Things You Didn’t Know About Young Stunners: Talha Anjum and Talhah Yunus

Young Stunners, an undercover group comprising two separate Urdu rappers Talha Anjum and Talha Yunus, published their very first popular tune Burger-e-Karachi that was a classical satirical comedy led towards the hamburger boys. The tune became immediately viral. Following that, they threw back to back strikes one of which can be Maila Majnu and Laam se Chaura. Ever since that time, the group has seen their ups and downs but they’ve remained true to the match. They’ve a listing of hit songs to their title. They are leading the Malir Rap Boys and also have collaborated with various artists such as Irfan Junejo and large manufacturers such as Furor, Q-mobile and Pepsi. They’re regarded as the pioneers of this urdu rap, a name they earned via a very long hustle. They’ve fought their unique struggles with medication problems, family problems and research that they’re extremely outspoken about and frequently criticized due to some regional artists such as Chen-K and Sunny. They collaborated with a cross boundary artist KR$NA, the tune was appointed Quarantine and it turned out to be a superb hit.


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