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The video platform YouTube has developed into the most important point of contact when it comes to films, clips and streaming content in recent years. YouTube not only made the original founders millionaires, but also a few users who reach so many people with their successful videos that they are considered YouTube millionaires can be designated. In 2005 the portal was founded by three former employees of the online payment service PayPal and shortly afterwards it was bought up by the internet company Google. With the sale of advertisements, Google involved YouTube users who create content and manage their own channels. The group relies on that YouTube affiliate program, whereby users get up to 5 euros per 1,000 views. Here, an advertisement is often displayed in front of the video, which the user can click away. What began with an attractive additional income has since developed into a real fortune for some YouTubers in the USA. Here we introduce you to the top 5 of the current YouTube millionaires, several of them Million Euros have earned and will certainly be able to live very well from YouTube in the future. In Germany Gronkh is way ahead, but he is not yet one of the big fish on Youtube.

The YouTube channel RealAnnoyingOrange was founded in 2009 by Dane Boedigheimer and represents a funny orange with an extraordinary character. Originally, the founder only wanted to upload a video to YouTube. Due to the surprisingly positive reactions from the audience, Boedigheimer decided to add more clips. Today RealAnnoyingOrange is one of the most successful channels on YouTube.

4th place: BlueXephos – 11.77 million euros (2.3 billion views)


BlueXephos is a channel that was founded by a couple of real gaming fans and shoots popular videos on the subject while incorporating a lot of comedy into the productions. In addition to comments, there are also humorous voice-over videos. BlueXephos is one of the top contact points on YouTube, especially in the area of ​​gaming and games.

3rd place: RayWilliamJohnson – 13.30 million euros (2.6 billion views)


Ray William Johnson is one of the first YouTube millionaires. The video blogger or vlogger lives in Oklahoma City and has been reporting on all the events that have preoccupied him since 2011. With just six of his videos, he made it into the most viewed clips of the month. In addition to informative content, Ray William Johnson also provides various comments for his viewers.

2nd place: Smosh – 14.32 million euros (2.8 billion views)


at Smosh it is about a comedy duo consisting of Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, who founded their YouTube channel in 2005 and impressed primarily with humorous implementations of currently popular songs and generated a particularly large number of viewers. The Pokemon Theme Song in particular is considered to be the duo’s most successful video, which alone has been viewed more than 28 million times. In addition to the parodies of music videos, Smosh also follows skits and series.

1st place: Pewdiepie – 15.35 million euros (more than 3 billion views)


The currently most successful in 2015 YouTube millionaire is Pewdiepie. Behind the channel is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg from Sweden, who primarily reaches millions of viewers around the world with videos on the subject of gaming. On Pewdiepie there are not only action games but also horror games. Recently reached Pewdiepie more than 17 million subscribers. From the second half of 2013, Pewdiepie was also one of the channels on YouTube that had the most new subscribers.

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