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Zaniolo SHOCK: the aunt of his pregnant ex-girlfriend speaks out “he threw her out of the house”

The SHOCK news on the private life of Nicolò Zaniolo and ex-girlfriend Will be eleven weeks pregnant today. To make new incredible revelations is the aunt of the girl who makes very heavy accusations about the Roma player.

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Nicolò Zaniolo dad: the ex Sara Scaperrotta is pregnant

To launch it scoop unexpected about the pregnancy of Sara, Nicolò Zaniolo’s ex-girlfriend, was the weekly Today on December 30th. Only later Nicolò Zaniolo decided to make the two statements regarding the ex pregnant a The Gazzetta dello Sport. The boy specified that the story with the future mother of his or daughter or is now water under the bridge despite the ongoing pregnancy, but that he will take the necessary responsibilities:

The story with Sara has been over for some time now. As perhaps it is normal at our age, living together we realized that we did not get along anymore, I myself noticed that there were some little big things that did not go well and were not compatible with my life as a professional

We dreamed of a family together sometime, I don’t deny it, but then things went differently and when she told me about her pregnancy I was very honest in pointing out that I didn’t feel ready for such a commitment, especially because we didn’t go. more agree, but she has decided to continue. A choice that I respect. Even though I am no longer his partner, I will assume all responsibility as a father

Madalina Ghenea “Is it all the fault of the new flame?”

Furthermore, the footballer is already happily engaged to the showgirl 12 years older Madalina Ghenea. Many had blamed the new girlfriend for the breakup of Nicolò Zaniolo with ex-girlfriend Sara Scaperrotta, but the boy wanted to point out that this is not the case:

Given the newspaper articles that have recently come out about my private life, I wanted to clarify one thing: I personally have not left any for anyone. My new date is not part of my past, I am happy with Madalina and I take all responsibility for my future.

I am a boy with a head on his shoulders! At the moment I think only of Roma, I can’t wait to get back to playing! I am working to get back as fit as possible

madalina ghenea

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The aunt of the ex-girlfriend: “The first time she had an abortion”

But the aunt of the girl who contacted by Journalism told his side of the story. Zaniolo and Sara apparently had decided to terminate a previous pregnancy and that immediately afterwards the player had repented … Here are his statements SHOCK reported by Journalism:

Sara, this is the second time she is expecting a child from Zaniolo. The first dates back to seven months ago. Then the couple chose to terminate the pregnancy. They weren’t ready. But that gesture united them even more

In recent months she has insisted on having a child back, my niece has all the proofs and messages.

He wanted it at all costs. He kept repeating: “We fucked up, we fucked up.” The couple discovers they are pregnant again with a home test on December 1st. Zaniolo, over the moon, publishes a post with a photo of him and Sara kissing and writes: “If I know what love is, it’s thanks to you”

Was Zaniolo’s family against his ex-girlfriend?

But that’s not all, the aunt tells a version very far from the one told by the young football player, who declared that he intends to take responsibility for the pregnancy of his ex-girlfriend. And it also reveals some background on the Zaniolo family who apparently did not look favorably on the girl:

Not only did he delete the photos with my niece, but when Sara proposes to tell her family right away, chaos erupts. Nicolo, he wants to wait. He takes his time and tells my niece that they would do it at Christmas, in La Spezia, when the two would go to Christmas for the holidays in the boy’s hometown.

My niece, don’t ask me why, she was hardly accepted by the family. Sara does not want to go to La Spezia, we are a good family, honestly to hear that she is afraid of judgment, it inspires fear in everyone. Sara, pregnant for the second time, psychologically upset, young, even tried, could not hold up in feeling “not accepted”. He asks Nicolò to tell his parents right away. And … as not mentioned. As soon as they find out, they run to Rome and it’s chaos. My niece is kicked out of the house in 24 hours. And they leave the house where the boys lived (Totti’s house, Zaniolo paid the rent, ed)

“Zaniolo met Madalina Ghenea shortly after”

The story of Sara Scaperrotta’s aunt continues dramatically, telling a reality that is difficult to imagine. The aunt of Zaniolo’s pregnant ex-girlfriend also talks about the appearance in the life of the football player of the new partner Madalina Ghenea:

All of this happened on December 6, the day after the post about love. On the 9th, three days later, Madalina Ghenea enters the life of Zaniolo who in the meantime is expecting a child from my niece …

The pregnant ex-girlfriend is devastated “AND escaped “

The story reported by Journalism continues and the aunt of the pregnant ex-girlfriend reveals other alleged unexpected truths about Zaniolo:

He speaks publicly and in the meantime he locked my niece on her cell phone, found another home and we don’t know anything. One of the latest messages sent to Sara is “This is your responsibility.” (…) One day his son – because he is his son – will read all this. Will read that his father he unplugged the phone, moved home in a hurry to avoid being found, and so on (…) My niece is young with two pregnancies, psychologically she is devastated. Then I ask myself: what happened to your family? Nobody called. Do you know the silence? Here: total silence. They made him move house in 15 minutes so as not to be found again. Were they afraid of ambushes? But please. They put Sara out of the house, then the next day, to lose track, they sent him to another home. Now my niece doesn’t even know where her son’s father lives. But do you realize? All phones blocked but there is a creature in the way. But how can you. My niece is eleven weeks old. She should be at rest, serene and peaceful (…) I define this situation: inhumane

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