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The actress & singer’s Zendaya net worth in 2021

How rich is Zendaya?

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman is an actress, dancer and singer from the United States. As with some of her famous colleagues, the foundation stone of her career was laid with the Disney Channel. She came into contact with showbiz as a toddler in a Californian theater. Later she started as a model, recorded an album and danced with Dancing with the stars in second place. In addition, she pursued her acting career with great success. The cherished Zendaya net worth is 12.5 million euros.

First stage experience at the theater

Income from Zendaya Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996 to Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman. Her name means “to say thank you” in the Shona language. Because your Mother worked as a housekeeper at the California Shakespeare Theater, Zendaya also spent a lot of time there. Because she was enthusiastic about the stage, she got her first small roles there.

The beginning of the acting career

She started out in show business with a career as a model for Macy’s and Old Navy. She was also featured on iCarly merchandise. Her breakthrough came in 2010 when she was auditioned for the role of Raquel “Rocky” Blue on the sitcom Shake it up – dancing is everything secured. After three seasons, the sitcom was discontinued by the Disney Channel. Zendaya took over the Main role in the espionage sitcom KC undercover. With the fees for her acting activity, she began to build her fortune.

Zendaya as a singer & dancer

Anyone who thinks that she is busy with acting and modeling is wrong. In 2013 she recorded her album Zendaya which is characterized by a clever mix of styles. The album is primarily to be assigned to the pop and R’n’B directions. It reached number 51 on the Billboard 200 chart. the single Replay even rose to number 20 on the US pop charts and achieved platinum status in Australia. Zendaya has often shone as a singer and can now look back on some successful hits.

In 2013, the then 16-year-old was also represented in the Casting show Dancing with the stars. Together with her partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy, she took a respectable second place. In 2014, Zendaya would have been slated for the role of Aaliyah in a television movie about the late singer. However, after a few days, she decided to get out of the project.

Cinema career with Spiderman

Zendaya assets In 2017, Zendaya received the role of Anne Wheeler in the biography Greatest Showman about the circus pioneer PT Barnum. Also in 2017 she starred in the science fiction action film alongside Tom Holland Spiderman: Homecoming the role of Michelle “MJ” Jones. The rumor mill was simmering, because Spiderman and his film partner were already a couple several times in real life. Zendaya and Tom Holland denied this, however. In 2019 she played in the sequel Spiderman: Far from home again the role of Michelle Jones. She also landed the role of Rue in the series Euphoria. With these film roles, Zendaya was able to expand her fortune.

Zendaya private

Because Zendaya’s professional life is so busy, she prefers chilling out in private. A perfect Friday night is for her to see Harry Potter on TV and as well hanging out on the couch with her dog Noon. In 2020, she was said to have a liaison with Jacob Elordi, but both stars never confirmed the relationship.

In her free time, Zendaya also devotes herself to charitable projects, for example she collected more than 40,000 euros in donations for her 20th birthday Convoy’s Women’s Empowerment Initiative.

In 2017, the actress and singer bought a house in Northridge, California for 1.1 million euros. In 2020, Zendaya made purchases another house, which has a living space of 5,000 square meters, for 3.3 million euros in Encino, California. With her growing wealth, she can also buy many more properties in the future.

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