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4 Bathroom Design Tips for a Bathroom You’ll Love

Did you know the average person spends over two years of their life in the bathroom? If you are spending so much time here, you should update your bathroom design. Not sure where to start?

Keep reading to learn about four different ways to remodel and customize your bathroom today.

1. Simplify the Layout

A cluttered and difficult-to-navigate bathroom is as irritating as it is unsightly. Transforming your crowded and disorganized space to a designer bathroom will not happen overnight, but you can start by simplifying the layout. Let’s start by decluttering.

First, gather all of the items, appliances, and products that belong in the bathroom that are in other places in the house. Bottles of lotion, tubes of lip balm, or makeup containers have a way of ending up in pockets purses, on end tables, or in dresser drawers. Having all of these in one place—the bathroom—makes finding them easier when you need them and makes the next step of this process easier, as well.

Survey the products you have stored in the bathroom and focus on how many products you have. How many do you need?

You may find you have more types of moisturizer than you really need. Cutting down on the amount of stuff to organize will simplify things. Use space-saving decorative storage containers and vertical storage solutions to create a tidy and organized appearance. You can always ask for advice from remodeling companies within Toledo if you are living around the area on how to utilize your bathroom area.

2. Remodeling and Style Changes

Before you worry about the cost of replacing bathroom fixtures or tearing down the wallpaper, think about smaller changes that will transform the look of the room. A small change that makes a substantial difference is replacing or updating the sink.

Updating your sink can be as simple as updating the bathroom faucets. Single-handle faucets take up less space and work well with minimalist designs. Change the tap on your bathroom vanity and your shower to maintain a clean, trim appearance.

It is crucial to strike a balance between quantity and quality. Make sure to use efficient fixtures, such as water-saving macerating toilets and low-flow showerheads and faucets. Opt for energy-efficient LED lighting for more value and savings. Think of long-term benefits instead of settling for short-term savings.

3. Add Bold Splashes of Color

Bathrooms tend to be a sterile white hue that can be unsettling. Even if you have colorful towels, that may not be enough to liven up the space.

Think of a color scheme. Bright pastels and even navy blue or purple are nice bathroom colors. Avoid earth tones like gold, yellow, olive, or brown.

You can choose to paint opposite walls and leave the others white or a light, neutral tone. Additionally, coloring the ceiling is a popular up-and-coming trend. When picking paint for your bathroom, consider a satin or glossy finish with mildew resistance for the best results.

4. Improve Your Lighting

Unless you have been in a bathroom with great lighting, you may not realize how much of a difference a proper set-up actually makes. Here, you will want to focus on the two types known as ambient and task lighting.

Ambient lighting, also known as general lighting, illuminates an entire room. This can be achieved with wall- or ceiling-mounted light fixtures, lamps, recessed lights, and more.

Task lighting shines a light on a task a person is doing, such as applying makeup or shaving. These lights are typically installed along the sides of a mirror or tracks.

4 Bathroom Design Ideas to Get You Started

When you begin your bathroom design project, remember to gather all of your products and decide what to keep so you can simplify the layout. From there, you can start with remodeling and style changes like updating the faucets and adding some color. Lastly, add the right lighting to show off your work properly.

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