Find Your Niche: 5 Niche Markets for Starting an Online Business in 2022

The past few years have shown that the Internet is a formidable money-making platform, especially for business-minded individuals. 

Truly, your success as an entrepreneur starts with selling the right products online. With myriads of items offered online by countless competitors, it’s more practical to be specific and choose a segment out of a bigger market. 

Before identifying profitable niche markets, you must first understand why you need to find a niche for your business. 

Why a Niche for Your Online Business? 

Focused and Versatile

It’s easier to build your business identity as that online seller of affordable skincare, reusable face masks for those with facial hair, or multifunctional travel bags. 

You can get as specific in serving your niche market, based on price, region, quality, interest, or demographics. Just consider the niche’s market size and its growth potential.

Unique and Standout 

Your business identity sets you apart from other online sellers that carry multiple types of products in their stores. It’s also helpful for customers looking for something for them without diving into numerous categories.

A narrowed product range doesn’t have to stifle potential profits. You can sell related items that customers would want as add-ons. Or get people to buy a higher-priced version of a product. 

Simple and Strategic

Working with a niche also simplifies raising brand awareness and recall. You can focus on selling the attributes of your products that enhance their appeal to your target audience. How well you know your potential customers and what they consider premium would really play out here. 

Create compelling content and advertisements that communicate your unique selling point (USP). Put these ads on platforms that provide exposure or even multiply your reach and won’t cost as much. 

Advertising on Google is only the beginning of sustained and strategic efforts to achieve conversions and actual results, given consistent ad spending. 

Those in unfamiliar territory can work with an agency that knows Google Ads to reach their goals. 

Tap These Top Niches for Your Online Business

Let’s get to the niche markets and product ideas to get you started in e-commerce. 

1. Health and Wellness

According to the Global Wellness Institute, the global wellness economy had a value of $4.4 trillion in 2020. Personal care and beauty, healthy eating/nutrition/weight loss, physical activity, mental wellness, and wellness tourism are among its sectors. 

The personal care and beauty market is an interesting point of study. It consists of makeup, haircare, skincare, oral hygiene, sun care, and other body products.

With Google as a starting point, check what users are looking for. One top suggested search under makeup is “makeup for men,” and results like must-have makeup products show who is making what for this demographic. Also, read up on perspectives and preferences: whether there’s a gap you can fill in the market and if there are enough customers for it.   

Together with evolving beauty standards, emerging needs also fuel demand. Is there anyone making or selling makeup for mask wearers? How capital-intensive is it to produce your own cosmetics line? Where do you find reputable sources for smear-proof, waterproof cosmetics?  

2. Pet Care 

The pet industry has been one of the successes during the COVID-19 pandemic. But even years before the lockdowns, the industry has been steadily growing as more, especially from the millennial generation, are taking care of pets. They have also proven their willingness to spend money on their fur babies.

Consider this in choosing products that appeal to pet-loving people and positioning your brand. 

  • Food and treats. Pet spending primarily goes to food, and pet parents/owners understandably want to know what their dogs should eat to promote their pets’ health and prevent diseases. Healthy treats and snacks for cats can go with your branding as a pet food specialist. 

Be careful with using the words natural, organic, and premium. Provide detailed product descriptions, from the ingredients list to allergy information, for the safety of the pets. The same goes for feeding instructions.

  • Supplies. There is a growing list of grooming items and things for every furry pal, from nail clippers to scratch pads to kneading pillows. At this point, you may want to focus on sustainable pet supplies.   

As noted below, buying eco-friendly toys and accessories fits seamlessly into an environmentally conscious pet owner. 

3. Sustainable Products

The switch to products that have minimal impact on the planet is no longer an option; it’s a conscious decision for a growing number of consumers. Accordingly, a more mindful customer would likely support a business with the same values

As it is, a sustainable lifestyle tends to be holistic and encompasses a wide variety of products that a person or their pet uses. You can glean product ideas from this non-exhaustive list:

  • Clothes. Selling old clothes is one way of carrying out sustainable fashion. It keeps clothes in circulation and out of landfills. For brand-new clothes, look for ones designed for longer use and produced ethically.
  • Cleaning products. This is for those who want nontoxic household cleaners but don’t have the time or energy to make their own. Think laundry detergent, dishwashing, and all-purpose cleaner with ingredients safe for humans, pets, and the environment.  
  • Kitchen products. The kitchen has got to be that part of the house that generates most waste, primarily from food, paper towel, and plastic. Sell absorbent cloths, linen napkins, dish covers, beeswax food wraps, and reusable food containers.  

Look into sustainable ways to minimize packaging while still keeping the items safe. Use recycled or recyclable packaging materials too.

Sustainable Products

Photo by Caroline Selfors from Unsplash

4. Travel

Travel is expected to pick up, being one of those heavily restricted activities a year or two ago. So far, domestic leisure travel is showing signs of recovery. Explore these options for a travel business:

  • Going solo. It’s not a big deal for some travelers who plan to resume their travels and go on retreats for personal development. Solo travelers are a niche market, and exploring their needs and wants can be a start. 

For example, you can focus on travel safety products. Anti-theft bags, luggage locks, and portable door alarms can secure personal belongings and the person. Include flashlights, emergency and first-aid kits, and waterproof clothes.  

  • Going digital. One’s smartphone can take the place of numerous things (books, planners, and sometimes one’s laptop) and free up luggage space. Consider selling digital products like ebooks, online courses, and travel guides. 

How about developing a travel app that does everything: book flights, organize itineraries, track budget, and find places and people?  

  • Going “home.” If you have an apartment in the city center or a farm property, you can put it up for short-term vacation rental. You can offer experiences like picking vegetables and tending animals if you have a farm. 

Build a website to provide information and resources and accept bookings for it. 

5. Home Organization

There’s no place like home, and there’s always room for improvement to accommodate changes in one’s life or family.

  • Home storage. The great decluttering that started during the pandemic continues. But you may want to offer storage bins and sturdy containers that are easy to move around. Add heavy-duty, easy-to-assemble racks and shelves. Sell tools and accessories to target DIY homeowners. 
  • Home office. Living space becomes more precious as a portion gets converted into a workspace. Your specialty can be furniture and accessories that help customers stay productive even with little space. 

Sell space-saving tables, sleek and comfortable chairs, slim desk lamps, multi-drawer cabinets, and cable management organizers at your shop.

Ready for Business 

The sectors above can well be worth millions or billions of dollars and provide opportunities for new players like you. This opportunity may be in the form of an unmet demand or an underserved market.

Before dreaming of profits, learn how much it costs to open an online store by e-commerce model and other useful information to set up your business website.

Find your niche, whether you plan to sell your own products, be a reseller, or open a dropshipping business. It makes the processes of finding products and running your business straightforward.

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