Best Real Estate Agent Marketing Strategies

Real estate agents are a strange breed of people. They spend their days talking to strangers about people’s houses and businesses, which can lead to a career that is simultaneously fascinating and terrifying. There are loads of things an agent can do to generate new clients. 

Still, the most important marketing strategy is to communicate with other real estate agents and make sure they provide a friendly referral if they know someone looking for a new house and when someone is selling their property. That can be what stands between your client getting the perfect house or losing out entirely. 

Here are the best real estate agent marketing strategies.

1. Digital/Social marketing

Through social media, realtors can advertise their homes and related flyers. This will help them get in touch with their target market and let people know about the property they have for sale. They can also post photos of properties on sale and host a pool party at their real estate office. 

All these are done using different social media platforms, which help the realtor engage in real estate agent marketing strategies. Relators use social media platforms such as Instagram, AdWords, and LinkedIn to reach out to the audience and let them know about their property.

Besides, realtors can also use word-of-mouth marketing strategies to talk about the open houses that they have advertised. If a potential client is interested in viewing an open house, they can take the name and number of the realtor who posted on a community bulletin board or website. 

Realtors can also engage in the issuance of cards such as birthday cards for their clients or even make their holiday cards to provide great services to them.

2. Participating in community activities

Real estate agents can join organizations or community councils that organize real estate or homeownership activities. They can put up posters and flyers, which will help them display their office contact details when people come for the meeting. Implementing a CRM for real estate agents within their daily operations can significantly enhance these interactions by refining the coordination of client communications and subsequent tasks.

Besides such activities, they can also talk to their clients about the day’s events and get referrals from them. Realtors can also get involved in their target community through charity work. 

This can be accomplished through blood donation campaigns or food drives for the poor. Anyone who has met a desperate parent looking for a house to rent can understand the need for charities to help people with housing, so charity work is such a good real estate agent marketing strategy. 

This also creates a good PR for realtors. They can also invite clients to charity events and make them understand the importance of supporting such charities.

3. Joining local business groups 

Realtors should engage in local community events and participate in them. This will help them network with other business owners in the area and offer a great real estate agent marketing strategy. They can also ask their clients to join their organizations and participate in community programs. 

Joining local business groups such as the chamber of commerce offers business networking ideas where realtors can introduce themselves to other business networks in the community. They can then offer services of their house for different events or business meetings. 

Other business groups such as B and I and Rotary and Lions clubs offer opportunities to promote business. Realtors can also ask club members to pass out cards or pens with their contact details. 

Moreover, they can request to display flyers in their office lobby or distribute customized brochures to captivate visitors while creatively conveying their range of services

4. Sending postcards

This is the most effective way to engage in real-time marketing strategies while working. Real estate postcards can include a picture of their office as well as contact information. 

They can then mail the postcards to their clients, along with a note suggesting that they come to their office or visit them on a specific day. The purpose of sending postcards to a neighborhood is to inform the residents of your presence.

Sending postcards also helps generate listings by giving potential clients something to look at before making an appointment with a realtor. In addition, if people are slow to get in touch, the postcards send them a notification and help them remember about you as a realtor.

5. Hosting client events

Realtors can make their clients feel more comfortable hosting events at their offices. This helps them build a loyal clientele who will turn to them when they need to sell their property or rent a house. 

A realtor can also provide refreshments to the guests or even offer food or drinks as an incentive to show up. This is a great way to create a good atmosphere and engage your clients while they wait for other guests.

6. Providing key services

It is good to ensure that you are always doing some services for your clients. A good example is that you can start using a professional sign company to create signage for your office. They can also make signs with your name and credentials, which will help people know who you are. 

The more people know about you, the more likely they will turn to you when they need a house in a particular area.

7. Encourage referrals and word-of-mouth

This is one of the best ways to market your real estate business. You can ask your clients to refer you to their friends and family or even post a sign stating that they refer you as a realtor. 

You can also keep in touch with your clients frequently to maintain a good relationship. You can send them Christmas cards or charity cards for the poor people around them.

8. Presentations to Community Groups

There is always a local community group that is interested in real estate and how it affects their neighborhood. It is great to give a speech at such events and inform the people about what you do as a realtor. 

Involvement in community events and forums can show potential clients that you are committed to your community and help them provide quality real estate agent services.

9. Keep a portfolio

Realtors need to keep a portfolio of their past works. This can include a journal or even pictures of their work, which will give clients some idea about the kind of work you do. You can also create brochures with your featured properties and list these services in your brochure. 

This helps people get an idea about your work and gives them an idea about the sort of property they should buy and what they should expect from you as a real estate agent.


As a real estate agent, it is important to know your audience and what they expect from you. While it is easy to hand out brochures and cards, the best real estate agent marketing tips are those which are personalized and show potential clients that you care. 

If you get involved in local community events, such as charity work or blood donation drives, your image will build up in the people who live in that area. You can then approach them with your services and make sure that they give you a chance as their realtor. 

In addition, social media is one of the best ways to advertise your business. Social media can be used to spread the word about your services. You can also keep your clients informed through social media portals and always interact to keep them interested in your real estate business.

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