What Technology Can Help You Sell Your Home?

Selling your home can be a daunting task. From preparing your home for sale to finding the right buyer, there are various things to think about during the process. One thing that you may not have considered is using technology to help sell your home. This post will discuss some of the ways that technology can help you sell your home quickly and more efficiently.

Finding a good realtor

The general rule of thumb to follow is: the tougher the real estate market, the more important it is to have an experienced, quality real estate agent. Examples of tough markets include Austin, Texas; Boise, Idaho; and Scottsdale, Arizona.

A good realtor can be found in Scottsdale, Arizona, which is also one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Let’s say you’re trying to sell your home in this competitive market. One of the most important steps in selling your home is to find a Scottsdale realtor.

A good realtor will be able to assist you in correctly pricing your home, listing it on the appropriate websites, and marketing it to the appropriate buyers.

Some of the things to look for in a good realtor include knowledge of the market, experience, and an excellent track record. They should also have good contractors that they can recommend to help you prepare your home for sale. 

There are several ways to find a good realtor, including checking online reviews, asking for recommendations from family and friends, and interviewing multiple realtors to find the right fit.


MLS, or Multiple Listing Service, is a database of homes for sale that real estate agents use. MLS is great because it is a central place where buyers can search for homes, and it is also a place where agents can list your home so that other agents can show it to their clients. 

By listing your home on MLS, you open up your property to a wider range of potential buyers hence creating maximum exposure. In addition, MLS listings are often syndicated to other websites, giving your home even more reach. If you are working with a real estate agent, they will likely list your home on MLS. 

If you are not working with an agent, you can still list your home on MLS, but you will need to pay a fee.

Video tours of the home

If you want to give potential buyers a tour of your home without them having to be there physically, you can create a video tour. Video tours are great because they allow buyers to see the property at their convenience. 

You can easily create a video tour by using your smartphone or camera to walk through each room of your home and explain the features of the property. 

Once you have recorded the video, you can upload it to YouTube or other social media platforms. You can then share the link with potential buyers so that they can view the tour.

Great wide-angle Photography 

While video tours are great, they may not be enough to sell your home. Many buyers want to see high-quality photos of the property before scheduling a showing. 

If you don’t have professional photography experience, you can hire a photographer to take pictures of your home. A good photographer will be able to capture the best features of your home and make it look more appealing to potential buyers.

Virtual tours 

If you want to take things a step further, you can create a virtual home tour. Virtual tours are similar to video tours, but they allow buyers to explore the property in more detail. 

With a virtual tour, buyers can use their mouse or keyboard to walk through each room of the house and get a 360-degree view of the property. You can create a virtual tour yourself using special software or hire a company specializing in creating virtual tours.

Floor plans 

Another way to use technology to sell your home is by creating floor plans. Floor plans are great because they give buyers a general idea of the layout of your home which can help them with easier decision making. 

This can be especially useful for buyers who are looking at properties online and want a lot of detail. You can create floor plans yourself or hire a company specializing in that kind of work. 

If you want to create the plans yourself, you can use Magic plan but be wary of measuring errors of typically 5-20% since it autocorrects to fit.

Drone footage 

If you want to really wow potential buyers, you can use drone footage to give them a bird’s eye view of your property. Drone footage is great because it allows buyers to see the property differently. 

Drone footage is especially useful if you have a compelling landscape and/or neighborhood. Once you have recorded the footage, you can upload it to YouTube or other social media platforms. You can then share the link with potential buyers so that they can view the tour.

Virtual staging

If you want to make your home look its best, you can use virtual staging. Virtual staging is a process of using computer-generated images to put furniture and decorate a room. By using virtual staging, you can make your home look more appealing to potential buyers. 

Virtual staging is cheaper than traditional staging because you don’t have to buy or rent furniture, so it makes sense budget-wise. You can use virtual staging to give buyers a better idea of how the room could be used and what it would look like with furniture. 

To do virtual staging, you can hire a company specializing in it or do it yourself if you have the skills.

Social media 

In today’s day and age, it is important to use social media to sell your home. You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share photos and videos of your home. 

You can also use social media to promote open houses and showings. Be sure to tag your listing agent or broker in any posts so that they can share the content with their followers as well.


As you can see, there are many ways that you can use technology to sell your home. By using some or all of these techniques, you will reach a wider range of potential buyers and increase your chances of selling your home quickly and for top dollar. If you are thinking about selling your home, be sure to consider using technology to help you out.

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