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5 Top Digital Marketing Strategies to Boost your Business

If you are a small business owner who is striving to carve out a share in the marketplace, you may not have considered that digital marketing can make all the difference. Whether a multinational corporation or a one-man show, there are digital marketing strategies designed for your kind of business.

Here are some of the most popular digital marketing strategies in 2022.

  • Social media marketing – SMM is the fastest growing branch of digital marketing and by contacting the leading agency, King Kong, you can work with the best SMM teams that keep raising the bar. Facebook is still the king of social media platforms, with hundreds of millions of members and they happen to have a very switched-on marketing side that you should explore. For a few dollars, you can boost a single Facebook post to reach 30-50k users, while you can select a number of variables that determines which users see the post. This means you can target groups and watch your following explode!
  • Search engine optimization – SEO is required if you want to be at the top of Google search results, which might take a few months; it isn’t possible to affect a website’s rankings overnight, rather a series of strategies are used over a period of time. Google sends out web bots every week or so to update their database and until they have swept the Internet, new changes will not take effect. While Google is quite secretive about the algorithms they use to rank the Internet, a good SEO team would know enough to boost a target website’s rankings. Click here for more information on SEO.
  • Pay per click – PPC is one of the most productive advertising packages; as the name suggests, you pay when a user clicks on your banner/link and with the right campaign management, you can achieve a high ROI. Platforms such as YouTube and Google are great places to put your ad links; you can have your banner right next to the top Google search result. Pay-per-click is complex, and for best results, join forces with a leading digital marketing agency in UK and let them create and manage your Google Ads campaign.
  • Building links – It is essential that link-building is part of your digital marketing plan; valid links are noticed by Google and you can post hundreds of inbound links on the web, all targeting your landing page. There are, of course, many different types of links and when you engage the services of a leading digital marketing agency, they can show you more about how backlinks can help your site get noticed.
  • Email & SMS – Some small business owners mistakenly think that email marketing is old hat, yet that is far from the truth; likewise with SMS, which most people actually read. Let the professionals create an engaging email or SMS campaign and see the response; indeed, the team can create ongoing campaigns that reach the right people.

When you approach a leading digital marketing agency, they carry out an online audit that helps to create a suitable digital marketing plan that is designed to deliver the desired results.

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