7 Factors to Consider When Buying Beds Online

You use your bed more often than any other furniture in your house. But is it time for a new one?

Maybe your old bed has finally bit the dust, or you’re graduating beyond that sleeping bag you had in college. If you’re thinking about getting something better to sleep on, perhaps even buying a bed online, keep in mind these important factors.

1. Bed Sizes

Choosing the right size of bed is incredibly important. But how do you know what’s right for you? Besides other factors mentioned below, you have to consider your own comfort, your sleeping partner(s), and even children and pets.

Different sizes of mattresses require different bed sizes. Finding your preferred mattress size is an important step to figuring out what kind of bed you want.

Queen-sized beds are the most popular, but there are also twins, doubles, kings, and California kings. It’s an important decision, and worth digging into!

2. Available Space

Let’s face it: we don’t always have as much space as we’d like. While having a bed that takes up half the floor space in a master bedroom would be nice, it just isn’t feasible for many people.

Before you buy anything, you should get a measuring tape and carefully factor in all the dimensions of not just your bedroom, but also the path to get there. Doors and hallways are important. You don’t want to buy something and be unable to move it in!

3. Bed Types

There are many styles and types of beds, and you need to pick one that works for you. Keeping in mind your size and space requirements, what style do you want?

Parents often buy their children bunk beds or sometimes novelty or themed beds like race cars or construction. But you also have your choice of everything from simple box springs to a four-poster canopy bed or even murphy beds that folds against the wall!

Try to find a style that will suit you and your family not just now, but for years down the road.

4. Budget

Sadly, many of us are constrained by our wallets. You have to carefully plan out how much you are willing to spend on a new bed, which features are necessary, and which are extraneous. Beds are expensive, and this is a big, longtime purchase!

You’ll want to compare bed prices between different styles and maybe even look at websites for popular bed brands. See what options they provide, and their relative costs.

Choose wisely, and be smart about it. Something as expensive as a bed deserves some hefty research if you don’t want to break the bank!

5. Shipping and Handling Costs

While shopping for beds online can provide more selection than a physical store, it sometimes also comes with more shipping and handling costs. Buying a bed in person can come with shipping costs as well though, (particularly if you don’t own a large vehicle), so make sure to compare all your options!

Shipping and handling costs will vary greatly depending on location, size, and the company’s offerings. Try calling the company and asking what deals they offer, particularly if they’re far away. Sometimes you can even get a bulk deal if you get your bed shipped with other furniture traveling to the same location. 

Additionally, find out where a company will ship the bed. Will they drop it off at a nearby warehouse and make you come pick it up, or will they deliver it to your doorstep? You may have to call up a couple of friends and rent a moving truck for a day, all of which should factor into your planning and purchasing.

6. Shipping Times (Critical When Buying Beds Online)

Sometimes you just need a bed now. If that’s the case, look at the shipping times for beds online and compare it with the availability of beds in your area.

If you are in a bind and need a bed within the day, you may be better off visiting local stores and picking from their options. But if you can wait some time, you may be better served by shopping around and picking something online.

A big question to keep in mind is, why are you looking for a new bed? You may find yourself happier in the long run if you wait a few more weeks or months and get the bed you really love.

7. Guarantees, Protection, and Insurance

A bed is a big purchase, and furniture often comes with various protection or insurance plans. Sometimes these come from the manufacturer, the shipping company, or the store you purchase from. But what should you get?

It all depends on your situation and your needs. Furniture damage can easily occur during shipping, so check very carefully what the coverage and return policies are. The same as point #6, you should plan for what you will do if the bed is damaged and you need to send it back for repairs or replacement.

Many companies also offer warranties on their furniture where they will repair or replace any damage for a certain amount of time. Look at their coverage and figure out what you need. If you live alone and hardly ever damage anything, maybe you don’t need to worry as much about it! But if you have several rambunctious kids, it might be wise to spring for that extra warranty.

The Choice Is Yours!

In the end, the choice of which bed to purchase is up to you, and perhaps your family. If you’re still thinking about buying a bed online, you should now have a good starting point to work from. It’s a big decision and well worth taking the time to research!

And if you have other big decisions coming up or just need some ideas or advice to improve your life, look no further! Our blog has plenty of other helpful articles, tips, and tricks, all for your benefit.

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