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Who is Adriana Volpe: Biography, Age, Single, ex Husband, Magalli and GF VIP 6

Adriana Volpe is a well-known presenter who has been involved for a long time with the morning programming of Rai 2. She participated in 2020 at the Big Brother Vip, conducted by Alfonso Signorini, where the kiss given to a competitor under the eyes of the ex-husband created a sensation Roberto Speak. He led Every morning on TV8 paired with Alessio Viola, and is one of the opinion makers, together with Sonia Bruganelli, of the new edition of GF VIP 6 conducted by Alfonso Signorini.

Who is Adriana Volpe?

  • First name: Adriana Volpe
  • Age: 46 years
  • Birth place: Trento
  • Date of birth: May 31, 1973
  • Zodiac sign: Twins
  • Profession: TV host
  • Height: 176 Cm
  • Weight: 55 Kg
  • Tattoos: nobody
  • Official Instagram profile: @adrianavolpereal
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Adriana Volpe was born in Trento on May 31, 1976 from mother Lina and father Giuseppe. She is an only child and is much loved by her parents. After studying at the Liceo Scientifico, he enrolled at the E-campus University and moved to Milan, where he graduated in literature with 110 cum laude. In Milan she began her collaboration with the “Why not” agency and here she began her career in fashion, the antechamber of what she will later do in entertainment world.

Work and Career

Adriana Volpe has a past as a model: she has in fact walked for many fashion brands since she was young. Besides being a beautiful woman, she is a capable host. His career in television began in 1992, with the program “We bet that?”, Alongside Fabrizio frizzi and Milly Carlucci. In 1995 she made her debut as an actress in Honeymoon trip by Carlo Verdone and in the same year she is engaged, in the role of Barbare, in the film Croce e Delizia. In 1999 he returned to Rai to be precise for the management of Mezzogiorno in famiglia and Mattina in famiglia. In 2007 he then leads Night on the Ice, this time for Rai1. Since 2009 she has been the regular presenter of I fatti tua with Gianfranco Magalli and Marcello Cirillo. Recently the beautiful presenter also participated in Beijing Express – in 2018 – and at the last Big Brother Vip.

After the success of her participation in the Canale 5 reality show it was assumed that she would participate with her husband Roberto Parli a Temptation Island but Adriana has denied these rumors. Currently the well-known host is working on the new information and entertainment program on TV8 with Alessio Viola (former face of Skytg24). From the rumors leaked from an interview with the weekly Oggi, the program will be called Every morning and will be broadcast from 10 to 14. As Adriana herself said, it is a “challenge” for digital TV which now focuses on communication and dialogue with the public. Curator of the program is Alessandro Banfi, former coordinator of Afternoon Cinque, Matrix and Live Life before landing on Sky. The program will also be part of Aurora Ramazzotti, daughter of art Eros Ramazzotti And Michelle Hunziker, which will be sent around Italy to tell stories of more or less known people.

Ex Husband Roberto Speak

After a marriage that lasted only 4 months with Chicco Cangini, Adriana Volpe got married with the entrepreneur Roberto Speak, July 6, 2008. The two then had a daughter, Gisele. The well-known presenter, however, has revealed to her followers an important change in her life: from June 2020 in fact she moved with her daughter to Milan, her friends Elisabetta Gregoraci And Caterina Balivo they helped her move to Milan, even finding a home for her and her daughter Gisele. At the end of 2020 Adriana Volpe and Roberto Parli break up: Roberto published a post on Instagram in May 2021 where he lashes out against his ex-wife in defense of her daughter.


The quarantine held separated Adriana Volpe and her husband, Roberto Parli: she with her daughter in Rome, and he in Switzerland, where he works. This was not an easy time for the couple and a enigmatic post Roberto on Instagram gave birth to gods doubts on their relationship, he wrote in fact “The mouth can never hide the truth from the eyes”. Speculations immediately arose about Adriana and Roberto that the two promptly have denied and Roberto also stated that the phrase did not refer to their marriage. However, it appears that the transfer Adriana’s in Milan was not a panacea for the couple.

In fact, the week Who revealed that Adriana Volpe and Roberto Parli would be left. Adriana is therefore back single after 12 years of marriage and now her life is entirely dedicated to her daughter Gisele and her work for TV8.

Big Brother Vip

Adriana Volpe was one of the contestants of the 4th edition of Big Brother Vip, hosted by Alfonso Signorini, with commentators Wanda Nara and Pupo. Adriana Volpe was at the center of the news for having kissed the beautiful singer Pago, known for her breakup with Serena while participating in Temptation island Vip, but the kiss was only the result of a game, more precisely the truth obligation. The Volpe’s husband, Roberto Parli, in no uncertain terms, defined Antonella Elia as a goose, who started the game, and declared that he did not like the kiss, even if given for fun. The two subsequently clarified.

Adriana Volpe is one of the opinion makers, together with Sonia Bruganelli, of the new edition of GF VIP 6 conducted by Alfonso Signorini, who sees as official competitors: Sophie Codegoni, Katia Ricciarelli, Soleil Sorge, Andrea Casalino, Amedeo Goria, Samy Youssef, Jo Squillo, Tommaso Eletti, Carmen Russo, Raffaella Fico, Gianmaria Antinolfi, Aldo Montano, Alex Belli, Miriana Trevisan, Manuel Bortuzzo, Giucas Casella, Davide Silvestri, Francesca Cipriani, Ainett Stephens, Manila Nazzaro, Nicola Pisu, The Ethiopian Princesses: Lucrezia Hailè, Clarissa Hailè and Jessica Hailè.

Adriana Volpe and Giancarlo Magalli

Adriana Volpe and Giancarlo Magalli are often at the center of the news due to their continuous discussions that have been repeated frequently since March 2017. Adriana Volpe, Silvia Toffanin’s guest at Verissimo, accused the conductor of disrespecting her. Not only that, more recently the presenter declared that Magalli would have said things “defamatory on my figure as a woman, professional and mother “. In a recent interview with the weekly Oggi Adriana spoke of it as a “closed chapter“And added that”Land his apologies would certainly have had human meaning to me,
since what legally must take its course will go on. Since 2017 he has never looked for me,
he had a thousand occasions to give me these excuses. So, I repeat: I’m still here waiting … “.

Video by Adriana Volpe


  • She is a fan of the Lazio
  • Love the strudel
  • He has a dog named Grace;
  • in 2006 he took part in the program Nights on the ice, which saw Alba Parietti among the competitors;

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