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Streaming Temptation Island 2020: Live and Replica Full Episodes Pc, Cell, Tablet and Smart TV

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Streaming Temptation Island 2020: Live and Replica Full Episodes Pc, Cell, Tablet and Smart TV

How to see Temptation Island 2020 live or in rerun on Mediaset or Witty? If you are away from home and want to see it in live streaming on your mobile? Here’s how to do and where to see Temptation Island 2020 both in replica and live streaming wherever you are and at any time of the day. First of all, let’s clarify the fact that the exclusive rights for the live broadcast and for the reruns are held by Mediaset and precisely by the website created by Maria De Filiippi “Witty Tv”. Let’s see how to do it.

Live Stream Temptation Island 2020

There are two ways to watch Temptation Island live both from mobile, tablet and desktop pc.

  • Download the Mediaset Play App for mobile and tablet. This app is available for both IOS and Android and is absolutely free. However, you must always register for free and without a credit card on the mediaset play site (or do it first from your mobile phone or do it directly from the app) so that the viewing will not stop after a few minutes. Once you have logged into the app, all the mediaset channels are available live: tune in to Canale 5 and enjoy!
  • Mediaset Play from Pc: connect to the mediaset play site, register (otherwise, as in the case of the app, the vision will stop after a few minutes) and connect live with channel 5.

Replicas Temptation Island 2019: Full Bets

Temptation Island 2020 reruns are available from a few minutes after the end of the program. Where to see the reruns of the full episodes? Here, too, there are different methods based on the medium by which you intend to view them. We will add links as they become available:

  1. Streaming Replica First Episode: link being updated as soon as available
  2. Streaming Replica Second Episode: link being updated as soon as available
  3. Reply Streaming Third Episode: link being updated as soon as available
  4. Reply Streaming Fourth Episode: link being updated as soon as available
  5. Streaming Replica Fifth Episode: link being updated as soon as available
  6. Streaming Replica Sixth and Last Episode: link being updated as soon as available

Where and how to see the episodes in streaming

Instead, hereinafter i methods to review these episodes whether you are from mobile or from pc or smart tv:

  • From Mobile / Tablet: There are two apps with which you can watch the reruns: Mediaset Play (the same as the live one) or Witty Tv. The difference? On witty tv even if you are not recorded the video will not stop and will go on anyway. On the other hand, registration is required on Mediaset Play. Here are the links to download the apps: Mediaset Play: IOS and Android. Witty Tv: IOS and Android.
  • From Pc: From a desktop or laptop computer you can see the replica of the entire episodes of Temptation Island 2019 directly by connecting to the Mediaset Play site or to that of Witty Tv. In detail, the section of the mediaset play site dedicated to temptation island where you can find the episodes is HERE while that by Witty you can find it HERE.
  • From Smart Tv: If you have a smart TV, the simplest and most comfortable way to watch Temptation Island 2019 from the first episode to the last episode is to activate the interactive services. In fact, when you are on channel 5, the enabled smart TVs will release an inscription with something like “guiarda mediaset play” or “relive the mediaset programs”. For example, for enabled Samsung televisions, just press the arrow at the top while this message appears and all Mediaset Play programs will be available. At this point, just choose Temptation Island and the number of the desired episode, press play and sit comfortably on the sofa!
  • From traditional TV: Temptation Island it will rerun on La 5 the day after the traditional broadcast. Therefore, on Tuesday at 9 pm it will be possible to review the entire episode in rerun on the La 5 channel as if you had been live only all moved by 24 hours! For this you will only need any traditional TV and to be tuned to the right time.

Temptation Island 2019 bets

The stakes of Temptation Island 2020 they see 6 couples as protagonist: each of them will test their feelings and above all from the anticipations we already know that a couple leaves the program in the early evening after a bonfire of immediate confrontation. Let’s see who are the couples of the 2019 edition of Temptation Island:

Manila and Lorenzo have been engaged for almost three years. Lorenzo has made it possible again for Manila to believe in love: in fact she has traumatically separated from the father of her children who already had another family just in the process of separation. .

Antonella and Pietro have already been protagonists of the Big Brother vip 2020. She is always a funny character who does not fail to make any program in which she participates lively. He is a younger man than her, very jealous, who already in the presentation video declared that he does not want anyone to come near his Antonella.

Anna and Andrea have been engaged for some years: one of the aspects that struck us most in the video presentation of the couple is that she would like a family and children while he does not feel ready. The different way of seeing the immediate future is also justified by the age difference: In fact, Anna is 37 years old while Andrea is 27.

Annamaria and Antonio Martello are a couple from Naples who have been together for two and a half years. Both with a marriage behind him, Antonio also has a three-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. The couple has a 10-year difference: Annamaria is in fact 43 years old while Antonio 33. The two have already had crises in the past due to some “escapades” of the boy, who is now firmly convinced that he wants to show his partner that he is able to carry on the relationship in proper way.

Sofia and Alessandro they are a couple where he seems to be more in love with her: they have been together for 4 and a half years but the crises have been mainly due to the disarray of Sofia, who for a few months left Alessandro for another man. They both have two children from previous relationships and they have a significant age difference (he 47, she 30).

Ciavy is a Roman PR protagonist of the nightlife, Valeria Liberati a secretary who would like to move in and ask for more from the report. He admits that he has always “invented excuses” and delayed the moment in which to live together because he needs his space, she says that now the relationship does not make much sense to exist. For sure Temptation Island will be a good test for these two guys.

Single Temptation Island 2020

During the first episodes, the Singles of Temptation Island 2020 will also be protagonists: 12 boys and 11 girls as tempters and temptresses they will put the love of couples to the test in the village of boyfriends and girlfriends. The singles of this edition for now confirmed are only Alessandro Basciano, former suitor of Men and Women.

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