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Who is Virginia Raffaele: Biography, Age, Career, LOL 2 and Instagram

Virginia Raffaele is a 40-year-old Italian comedian, actress, imitator, voice actress, television and radio host, born in Rome. It is famous for its famous imitations such as those of Belén Rodriguez, Ornella Vanoni, Sabrina Ferilli and many others. Twice presenter of the Sanremo Festival, at the moment she is busy with her latest theatrical work Samusà, which, however, was postponed to October 2021 due to the closure of theaters caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is it Virginia Raffaele?

  • Virginia Raffaele
  • Zodiac sign: Balance
  • Age: 40 years
  • Date of birth: September 27, 1980
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Profession: actress, comedian, imitator, voice actress, television and radio host
  • Height: 175 cm
  • Weight: 59 kg
  • Tattoos: the sign of infinity with a dot at the intersection of the lines, on the inside of the right elbow
  • Official Instagram Profile: @virginiaraffaele
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Virginia Raffaele was born on September 27, 1980 in Rome, from a ffamily of circus performers of Abruzzo and Calabrian origins. Grandmother Ornella (called Nelly) was an Amazon acrobat from Arielli (province of Chieti) who, together with her brothers, ran the Circo Preziotti. Virginia’s father is originally from Soriano Calabro in the province of Vibo Valentia. THE grandparents of the actress founded the Eur funfair in Rome in 1953, and Virginia practically grew up there.

At 19 he graduated fromEuropean Theater Academy of International Integrated Theater And studied classical and modern dance atNational Academy of Dance in Rome.

His career officially began in 2001, when with Danilo De Santis and Francesca Milani he created the comic trio Two whole and one reduced, with which he wins some festivals.

Virginia is noted for various sketches made together with colleagues Lillo and Greg, with whom he also shared successful theatrical performances. In addition to the stage, the Raffaele parallel presta la his voice at the radio on several occasions.

The first television appearance comes in 2009, when he debuts with his imitations in broadcasts Those who football And Never Say Big Brother, arousing laughter in the studio audience and at home, especially with the famous Belén rodriguez imitation. After these experiences, Virginia’s notoriety advances faster and faster in the entertainment world.

It also has behind it roles in television dramas: Commissioner Giusti, Classmates (with Laura Chiatti and Riccardo Scamarcio), Carabinieri (with Manuela Arcuri and Ettore Bassi) e Marshal Rocca.

The most prestigious role collected so far by the comedian is that of co-host of the Sanremo Festival in 2019, alongside Claudio Baglioni.

We also saw it at Cinema in: Criminal novel (with Claudio Santamaria, Elio Germano and Stefano Accorsi, 2005), The last wheel of the wagon (with Elio Germano and Alessandra Mastronardi, 2013), A woman as a friend (with Flavio Montrucchio and Fabio De Luigi, 2014) and others.


Virginia Raffaele made her debut in 2001 when, together with Danilo De Santis and Francesca Milani, he forms the comic trio Two whole and one reduced, with which he wins some festivals. For Raffaele he follows a long theatrical work, during which he takes part in numerous projects together with Lillo & Greg, always in theater, but also on television and radio.

He also works in some television drama as Magic spell, Carabinieri and the Marshal Rocca but also in the sit-com Bum Bum herbal tea. In the same period it is noted every Sunday as sent for Those who football, conducted by Simona Ventura.

2009 is the year Virginia joined the cast of Never say Big Brother Show, playing several parodies of characters from that edition, such as Cristina Del Basso And Federica Rosatelli. At the same time he creates the parodies of Malika Ayane, Giusy Ferreri and Annamaria Chiacchiera.

Virginia Raffaela is part of the cast of LOL 2 the Prime Video comedy program along with Tess Masazza, Corrado Guzzanti, Diana Del Bufalo, Maccio Capatonda, Maria Di Biase, Mago Forest, Alice Mangione, Gianmarco Pozzoli and Max Angioni.

Success and famous imitations

As a correspondent, in 2010, she joins the cast of Those who football as imitator, and achieves success and notoriety thanks to the imitations of: Roberta Bruzzone (criminologist), Federica Pellegrini, Renata Polverini (president of the Lazio region at that time), and of Eleonora Brigliadori (competitor de The island of the famous of that year).

The following year, in 2011, leads to Those who football his best known imitations: Carla Gozzi (paired with Ubaldo Pantani who plays Enzo Miccio), Ornella Vanoni, Belén Rodriguez and create the lucky character of Giorgia Maura, an aspiring talent show participant who remembers Emma Marrone. In 2012 he brought the imitation of Nicole Minetti and of Francesca Pascale, enjoying great success.

Here is a selfie of Virginia as aspiring singer Giorgia Maura

Virginia Giorgia

Takes part in the new film by Giovanni Veronesi, The last wheel of the wagon, together with Alessandra Mastronardi, Elio Germano and Ricky Memphis, in 2013 and was then chosen by Antonio Ricci to conduct Strip the news in the first episodes of the twenty-sixth edition, paired with Michelle Hunziker.

Since March 16, 2014, on Canale 5, he is in the cast of Antonio Ricci’s program Giass, in which he proposes the imitations of Ornella Vanoni, Roberta Bruzzone, Nicole Minetti, Francesca Pascale and, for the first time, of Sabrina Ferilli.

Virginia Raffaele at the Sanremo Festival

Carlo Conti, in 2015, invites Virginia for the fourth evening of the Sanremo Festival, proposing the imitation of Ornella Vanoni and the sketch of the telephone switchboard for televoting. Fresh from the great success of these performances, the conductor chooses it, the following year, to assist him in conducting it, together with Gabriel Garko and Madalina Ghenea. During the 2016 Festival, Raffaele proposes imitations of: Sabrina Ferilli, Belén Rodriguez, Carla Fracci and Donatella Versace.

The following year, in 2017, she was again invited to the Festival and, during the fourth evening, imitates the actress Sandra Milo.

In 2019, Claudio Baglioni wants it again as presenter of the Festival, together with Claudio Bisio.

Virgina in Sanremo

Performance, Let’s do who I was And Tonight Casa Mika

In early 2015 the “one woman show” starts Performance, a theatrical show in which Virginia proposes the parodies of her most famous characters and which is a great success in all Italian theaters.

The theatrical tour of Performance goes on, while Raffaele joins the cast of Tonight Casa Mika on Rai 2, and again in 2016, it is regular guest at the evening of Friends, the program of Maria de Filippi.

Let’s say it was me and the first TV show hosted by Virginia Raffaele, which airs on May 18, 2017 on Rai 2 and which also sees among the guests Lillo & Greg; while between September and October of the following year, it airs Like when it’s raining outside, television series that has as its protagonists some characters conceived and interpreted by Raffaele.

The new theatrical show: Samusà

Samusà is one theatrical show that tells of how Virginia Raffaele’s private life, especially his childhood, has become intertwined with his work and his life now.

The show was supposed to take place on 20 and 21 January of this year at the Civic Theater of La Spezia, but unfortunately it was moved to 20 and 21 October 2021, due to the closure of the theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Virginia Raffaele on instagram, with her 503,000 followers, she always remains spontaneous and very nice. In some photos we can also see her together with the personalities she likes to parody.

Virginia Insta

Private life

Virginia currently declares herself single.

The only important relationship we know of is the one that lasted five years with his colleague Ubaldo Pantani.

Their relationship began in 2012 and ended in 2017.


Virginia has a mini tattoo which he usually keeps hidden; on the inside of the elbow has a tiny sign of infinity, that is the inverted 8, with a dot at the intersection of the lines.

Controversy and appreciation

Virginia Raffaele’s imitations have been very popular with the public, and also among those who have imitated. But not everyone has always been enthusiastic about Raffaele’s work.

Belén Rodriguez Vs Virginia Raffaele

Belén Rodríguez expressed her disappointment, in 2016, for the imitation carried out over the years by Raffaele towards him

Sometimes he exaggerated and I took it: if you get some popularity thanks to a character I think that, in the end, you should have a little more respect, because it is also thanks to him that you are where you are.

The disappointment is thought to have arisen due to a episode occurred ad Friends of Maria de Filippi, where the comedian had ironized with the singer Emma Marrone on the relationship between her ex boyfriend Stefano De Martino and the showgirl.

Virginia Belen

Sandra Milo Vs Virginia Raffaele

At the 2017 Sanremo Festival, Virginia was successful imitating the famous Sandra Milo. Her daughter, the journalist Debora Ergas, expressed his displeasure about the imitation of the mother, writing on Twitter:

Too bad those jokes, in the role of a declared woman of almost 84 years, who was Fellini’s muse

Ornella Vanoni Vs Virginia Raffaele

Ornella Vanoni, following her imitation at the 2015 Sanremo Festival, defined the Virginia parody as

heavy, very heavy, bordering on vulgarity

By attributing to the comic the fact of having painted her as a woman under the influence of alcohol or suffering from Alzheimer’s and accusing the presenter Carlo Conti of having confused by presenting the comedian to the public as the real Vanoni.

The singer then changed her mind …

Virginia and Ornella

Roberta Bruzzone Vs Virginia Raffaele

Also in 2016 the criminologist Roberta Bruzzone harshly criticizes his imitation staged ad Friends of Maria de Filippi, announcing lawsuit for references

sexist, offensive and male chauvinists who portray me as bad and denigrate my work


  • Few know that in order to pay for her studies, the young budding comedian worked as a stuntwoman;
  • The video of the imitation by Carla Fracci in a few days it reached more than 1 million views on YouTube while imitating the Versace peaked in the evening with 14 million viewers;
  • She is very good friends with the dancer Roberto Bolle

Virginia Raffaele Video


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