Affording Legal Representation: Understanding the Cost of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting injured can end up costing you a pretty penny. If the injury was someone’s fault then you might be weighing your options of taking legal action. Cost is probably the number one on your list of considerations. With the way the economy is nowadays, it’s something we can’t afford to overlook.

You can search for “personal injury attorneys near me” and meet with some to hear opinions from professionals. At this point you can also talk to them about what fees could be and how payment works. Getting this information is really important so you can decide what you want to do.

Let’s take a look at how much your personal injury may cost and how the attorneys go about getting paid, or you can see more at Kash Legal.

Paying Out of Pocket for a Personal Injury Case Can Be Extremely Costly

First you have to put down a “retainer fee” if you want to pay for your case out of pocket. This fee is usually at least a few thousand dollars and won’t cover the entire case. Now, going this way will cost you less in the long run, as the attorney’s fees are less than the other payment methods they use. But most people can’t afford to put down the money for an entire case

You can expect a personal injury case to cost at the bare minimum five to ten thousand dollars. That’s if it’s a simple case and the other side settles quickly. If you can’t come to an agreement, it will be decided by trial. This is when it gets really expensive. Most attorneys can’t even give an exact quote, and usually “ball park” the cost at thirty to fifty thousands dollars at a minimum. 

Not many people have that type of cash pile laying around. Another thing about paying out of pocket, if you lose you lose. There’s no getting your money back unless you double down on another lawsuit. That’s why most people go the “contingency” route.

Most Legal Pros who do Personal Injury Only Get Paid if You Do

Thankfully, most attorneys who take on cases involving personal injury work on a “contingency fee” basis. This means you don’t have to pay them up front. They will take a higher fee than those who pay out of pocket, in exchange for doing the work before getting paid. 

Most of the time they won’t get paid unless your case reaches a settlement or a trial award. You will have to payout from the money awarded to you any bills owed to your attorneys. This is why it’s a wise idea to get a detailed breakdown of costs. Then you’re not surprised at the end.

This pay method is extremely attractive to most. Paying out of pocket seems to be pretty costly and is a gamble. Legal pros who take on your case under a contingency fee believe they can win your case. They’ll work hard upfront because they know they’ll get the bigger payout in the end.

Search “Personal Injury Attorneys Near Me” to Get Different Opinions and Pricing

Since you can get a free first meeting with these types of attorneys, you may as well take advantage and meet with a few different people. Legal pros might have different pricing from each other. Maybe there’s a smaller percentage fee. Or perhaps you find you get more services for your dollar with one attorney over another.

You may also find that there’s one that seems like they will do better in your case. Whether that be because you communicate well with each other, or their experience make them a huge asset, all of these things will create a solid case for you. A better case can equal a bigger payout. 

Professional Help Benefits Match the Cost

As you can see with how these attorneys structure their pay, even though the cost can be high you don’t pay unless your case pays. So don’t wait, search “personal injury attorneys near me” so you can meet some. They can tell you about possible outcomes of your case and what the fees would be for each service. When you have the information you’ll be able to decide what to do, and which pay method makes the most sense for you.

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