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Anita Goggins – Mother of Aaron Donald

Anita Goggins is the mother of Aaron Donald, an NFL player who is currently with the Los Angeles Rams. However, surprisingly, there is little information about her online.

Anita resides in Duquesne, Pennsylvania and has not remarried. She is a homemaker by profession. She has three children. She is not active on social media.

Mother of Aaron Donald

Anita Goggins is a former homemaker and currently, a transportation specialist. She moved to Duquesne, PA, after her divorce. She hasn’t remarried yet, and enjoys her solitary life.

Her son, Aaron, is an NFL superstar, and she must be pleased by his achievements. He was born on 23 May 1991 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

He plays as a defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams in the National Football League (NFL). His career has been successful and he won Super Bowl LVI, beating the Cincinnati Bengals.

However, he lacked a mother’s care when he was growing up. As a result, Archie Donald spent a lot of time with him to help him grow up.

He was often sluggish and lazy when he was growing up, but Archie didn’t give up on him. He helped him transform into a disciplined and focused athlete. He also taught him how to work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Ex-wife of Archie Donald

Archie Donald and Anita Goggins were married together for many years until they decided to divorce. During their marriage, they had three children: Aaron, Archie Jr. and Akita.

During their relationship, they lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Anita was a stay-at-home mom and cared for their children.

Her husband, Archie, was a senior tax inspector who worked hard to make ends meet for their family. He also competed in weightlifting with aspirations of playing NFL football. However, he suffered a knee injury that prevented him from returning to the sport.

He then tried other jobs but eventually retired and enjoyed a happy life with his sons.

Anita also has a son named Aaron, who is currently a professional football player for the Los Angeles Rams. He was born to Anita and Archie Donald on 23 May 1991 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


Despite being the mother of Super Bowl winning footballer Aaron Donald, Anita Goggins had a hard slog attempting to provide for her family. In the process, she founded a travel agency and took up the helm of a transportation business while also looking after her three children. The name of the game was to adjust routes that spanned multiple neighborhoods so she could be there for her kids during games and other sporting events, especially when their father was out of town.

Anita and her husband fought a valiant fight to make ends meet, but their newest venture had the most significant impact on the household budget. In the words of their son, it was a very big deal for them. As a result, their new found success has led to an incredibly comfortable lifestyle. They are currently living in Duquesne within Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In fact, the family moved in as recently as last summer.


Anita Goggins had three children, two sons and a daughter. They lived in the Lincoln Lemington Belmar neighborhood of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. But they separated in 1999.

Anita was a homemaker and took care of her children. She then started her own transportation agency, which was a good source of income for her. She moved to Duquesne, PA and is currently working as a transportation specialist.

However, her career was hampered by the separation. Despite this, she always ensured that she was there for her kids and kept on passing through routes that were close to their neighborhood.

Her son, Aaron, also had a hard time in his childhood, but things changed when he was drafted by the Rams in the NFL draft. He then advised his mother to quit her career and take care of the family. This helped her to lead a happy and fulfilling life. As a result, she is now a proud mother of a Super Bowl champion.

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