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Who is Antonio Martello: Biography, Age, Job, Daughter, Annamaria and Ilaria Temptation Island

Antonio Martello it’s a boy originally from Naples, participant of Temptation Island 2020 together with his girlfriend Anna Maria. Antonio is a 33 year old boy with a sunny disposition who will turn 34 in August: will he be able to resist on the island of temptations?

Who is Antonio Martello

  • First name: Antonio Martello
  • Date of birth: August 14, 1986
  • Age: 33 years
  • Zodiac sign: Leo ascendant Virgin
  • Profession: unavailable
  • Birth place: Rome
  • Height: 180 cm
  • Weight: information not available
  • Tattoos: Antonio has several black and white chest tattoos
  • Official Instagram profile: Antonio has deactivated the social profiles
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Antonio Martello was born in Naples 33 years old ago under the sign of Lion, has a brother named Michele while his parents are Nunzia and Salvatore. The mother works as a representative for the Avon company while we do not know what job the father has. We do not have a lot of information on Antonio: he worked in the entertainment world as an extra and as a model for some advertising campaigns, but we are not aware of the studies undertaken or the main activity he carried out.
The real mystery instead concerns his previous love life: it appears that Antonio got married in 2016 with a lass and that the two have had a daughter named Karol born in 2017.

Antonio Martello Instagram

Antonio has no active Instagram profile, this is presentation video on the official Temptation Island channel!

Work and Career

Antonio Martello he works as a rider (home delivery) for a food delivery company: it could therefore have happened to you if you live in Naples, to order food at home and find Antonio at the door. We also found out, through a post from her aunt, who worked as an extra and a model even if on the internet we have not found any feedback about this activity. It is therefore likely that it was carried out a local level.

Antonio currently participates in Temptation Island 2020 with his girlfriend Annamaria and this could launch it in the entertainment world as has happened in the past to other boyfriends and singles. However, Antonio does not currently have active social profiles, we do not know if he will reactivate them at the beginning of the program.

Ex Wife and Daughter

Antonio Martello he was married to a red-haired girl. Sui facebook profiles of his family appear photos of his wedding that took place in September 2015, but the girl’s identity is unknown. The couple also had a splendid one little girl, born on January 14, 2017 and named Karol.

Antonio is currently with Annamaria for two and a half years, so we can deduce that Antonio’s marriage ended shortly after the birth of little Karol.

Antonio and Annamaria Temptation Island 2020

Antonio and Annamaria are a couple who participate in Temptation Island 2020, and that he must find his identity: in fact, Antonio admitted in the presentation video that he had made mistakes: in fact, Antonio was surprised by his girlfriend with a second mobile phone where he wrote with other women. Now Antonio wants to prove that he has finally put his head in the right place girlfriend Annamaria 10 years older than him. For her part, Annamaria she says to always forgive him for fear of being alone, but he also adds that he wants to see if his time is really worth investing in this relationship. We’ll see what happens to this couple and if temptations manage to distract the two guys in the village of girlfriends and boyfriends! The other couples participating in Temptation Island 2020 are Ciavy and Valeria Liberati, Antonella Elia and Pietro delle Piane, Manila Nazzaro and Lorenzo Amoruso, Anna and Andrea, Sofia and Alessandro.

  • First episode: Antonio immediately approached single Ilaria, Simona and other girls. He immediately let himself get to know the girls in a carefree and goliardic atmosphere. In the first episode Antonio has already been shown in a Pinnettu to Annamaria: the girl saw him saying that she likes a girl because she is a personal trainer and a Neapolitan like him. During the bonfire Annamaria sees a video of Antonio where he jokes about Annamaria as “my ex”. He says he wants to figure out whether to stay with Annamaria or not by the end of the program. Antonio is getting very close to single Ilaria.
  • Second episode: Antonio binds himself more and more to Single Ilaria, leaving Annamaria very dumbfounded that she does not spare herself a few tears. Antonio however also says he is in love with Annamaria despite being very different.
  • In the third episode Annamaria says she has to learn from what is happening to her, confiding in her friend Antonella Elia. Meanwhile Ilaria confides in another single woman and tells her about Antonio’s contradictions: first he looks for her then says he will never leave Annamaria. Annamaria and Antonio evade the environmental microphones by going out to sea. Annamaria adds “I think he loves me but that he has the female disease”. At the bonfire a video of Antonio and Ilaria is shown touching their hands and are very close. They joke, she is shocked by some scenes where he seduces the girl with games and jokes to the tune of “Amore Amaro Amore Mio” by Gigi Finizio. Antonio continues to see no videos of Annamaria, and confirms at the bonfire that he misses his girlfriend.
  • Fourth Episode: In the fourth episode Annamaria expresses her bitterness for the closeness of Antonio with the single Ilaria. At the bonfire Antonio doesn’t have any videos. At Annamaria’s bonfire instead there are videos of Antonio and Ilaria. The two are getting closer and closer, and Antonio says that Annamaria has to accept what Antonio is like. Subsequently he praises the sensitivity of the Single Ilaria, a girl devoted to emotion during speeches and particularly beautiful. He clearly adds that he likes Ilaria. At night Ilaria and Antonio go into the sea to swim after one in the morning and the two in confidences are called “amò”. They continue to be close and Annamaria recognizes her boyfriend’s behavior similar to the one he has with her. Antonio and Ilaria are always close and the girl seems to be really interested in the boy, especially for the physical complicity and the looks. Antonio feels in awe, even though he is pleased with Ilaria’s words, he affirms that he would never want to let her down one day. The two then lie down next to each other and speak with “incomprehensible audio”. After this video Annamaria asks for the early confrontation bonfire. Ilaria reveals to the other singles some words that Antonio said to him “I want you, how beautiful you are” and Ilaria claims that he is afraid that his girlfriend could see something but that in reality when they are alone it is another person. The two in another video exchange phone numbers by voice trying to remember them by heart. Annamaria is more and more tried and confirms the bonfire to which she presents herself in a red dress. Antonio arrives and the two discuss Antonio says he has understood all his past mistakes. Annamaria asks if she also understood the mistakes of Temptation Island and he replied “which mistakes”? The fourth episode ends in the middle of the bonfire, which we will then find out how it ends in the fifth episode.

Are Antonio and Annamaria Together?

One month after the end of the program, Annamaria and Antonio come together hand in hand. Annamaria says that things are going well and that they carry on the fact of wanting to be together. Antonio says that the intention he has to show that he has understood her mistakes to Annamaria is to go out together even in her free time while before he neglected her, now he has understood that even a small gesture can make a difference. The first plans they have is to take time for them, to travel and “if God wants a child”.


  • At the time of publication of this article on Antonio Martello, as well as for the competitor Ciavy, only we at CHIECOSA.IT have found the real name and data of the biographers .. Let’s see for the umpteenth time how many “will take inspiration” from this article without mentioning us!
  • Antonio is a sporty boy
  • It is very tied to the values ​​of the family which is large and united
  • As can be seen from the presentation video, loves his hometown: Naples!



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