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Aston Martin wants to sell James Bond’s unique car

007 – there is hardly anyone on this earth who does not know him. The cult of James Bond continues unbroken, so that the latest sales project of the luxury car brand Aston Martin should cause a real sensation, at least among James Bond fans. At the Aston Martin DB10 it is a custom-made product that was only produced for the 007 strip Specter, which also conquered German cinemas in 2015. As early as next year, the spectacular vehicle, which was driven by actor Daniel Craig in the film, is to be sold at an auction. It is such an exclusive automobile that just a single Aston Martin DB10 to be sold. According to reports from CCN Money the car is not even roadworthy. So if you spend half a fortune on the chic silver runabout, you should also have a sufficiently large private property to be able to do your laps there. In Germany, the TÜV would certainly not accept the car like this. While a total of 10 Aston Martin DB10s have been produced for the latest James Bond flick, only one of these cars will go on sale as an auction item. This makes it one of the most luxurious and exclusive automobiles on earth. Then only three cars survived the spectacular James Bond stunts and this Aston Martin DB10 is one of them.

Aston Martin Db10 - James Bond 007 Specter
There is already intense speculation about the possible auction price. There were 150 cars of the previous model, the Aston Martin DB9, and this car still fetched an auction price of 253,000 US dollars. However, the DB9s can also be driven on the road. Nevertheless, the DB10 will probably bring in much larger sums of money at the auction next year, as this is a much rarer vehicle and the collector’s value is immeasurably high. Above all, Aston Martin did nothing wrong with the DB10 in terms of performance. Because many movie cars unfortunately don’t have much under their hood in real life, which is completely different with the Specter vehicle. This car is almost as easy to drive as the luxury Vanquish from the same manufacturer. So the car is not only a real highlight from the outside, it also has a lot of power to offer. According to reports from Forbes however saved. The American late-night superstar Jay Leno hardly seems to be able to wait for the Aston Martin DB10 to be auctioned. He had the great honor of being able to test the car on the road and published his impressions on his own YouTube channel:

Here is the official Aston Martin promotional video:

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