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Kanye West begs Mark Zuckerberg

He is considered one of the best rappers of our time: Kanye West. With his wife, the It-Girl Kim Kardashian, he has an extremely luxurious lifestyle. At the moment, the couple is waiting to move into a new villa with their two children, North and Saint, which is round after all $ 20 million should cost. Not really a problem considering Kanye and Kim together an estimated fortune of over 200 million euros should have.

Is Kanye West broke now?

Merit of Kanye West
But now it comes to light that the rapper has taken over something financially. Kanye West personally announced on Twitter that he was one amassed an impressive mountain of debt of around $ 53 million has. Amazing when you consider that in addition to the income from his music, the star also runs a well-known clothing line. But this could also be the problem. It was only last year that Kanye West announced that he had invested around $ 15 million from his personal fortune in his clothing line. There was no question for Kanye that this would be a success, after all he compared himself in the past with artists like Andy Warhol or William Shakespeare. But experts estimate that around 100 million dollars would now be needed to establish the fashion brand on the market.

However, Kanye West still firmly believes in himself and his artistic creations. And that is what he would like to convey to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, whom he had just asked for a transfer of 1 billion dollars via Facebook. Quote: “Mark Zuckerberg, invest a billion dollars in my ideas when you have realized that I am the greatest living artist and the greatest artist of all time.” To be on the safe side, he sent a similar request to Google founder Larry Page, who has a wealth similar to that of Zuckerberg. So far, however, neither Zuckerberg nor Page has commented on this issue.

Successful PR campaign

We believe the whole action and the whole shitstorm around the tweets from Kanye started only because the rapper’s new album “The Life of Pablo” was released. It is an exclusive download album and he says it will never go on sale.

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