Best Games For The Road Trip

A perfect vacation is having a memorable experience with your family through traveling and road trips, and it’s always good to start your bonding time while on the road. However, since traveling can be tedious while you’re on the way to your location, that’s why we are here to give you ideas about what you can do while you are on your way.

According to, a perfect travel experience is doesn’t only happen at the campsite, but it starts in your car. So, make sure to maximize your bonding time with your family and start it with these beautiful game ideas while you’re on the road trip.

The Grocery Guessing Game

This is a very easy-to-do and easy-to-understand game that only requires a pen and paper. You can select your player to write down one product on a piece of paper that can be purchased in the grocery store. Then everyone will take turns to guess for that product, and they can ask for clues that will only be answerable by yes or no. If someone guesses the product, they will get the point, and if no one, you will be the one to get the point.

I Spy

I’m sure everyone already has an idea about this game, and we are sure your kids will love this. Player 1 will choose any visible thing inside the car or anything that he sees on the road, and the player will say, “I spy something that begins with…” or any possible clue that you can give.

This one can also help develop your child’s thinking skills.

Category ABCs

A straightforward game where everyone in the vehicle can participate. Player 1 will give a category it can be food or movies, and the first one to guess must start their answer with the letter A and the following answer should start with letter B until reaching the letter Z. The one who will fail to guess will be eliminated.

Would You Rather

A game for the kids where they will need to choose between two choices. Player 1 will be the one to think the question, and he/she can direct the question to the person he wants. Let’s say for an example: “would you rather be the richest man in the world or the happiest man?”

Here are the sample questions you can use:

  1. Have a pet lion or a snake.
  2. Be the best player in a team that always losses or the worst player in a team that always wins.
  3. Live on pluto or the moon.
  4. Eat bugs or a frog.
  5. Have dinner in the Eiffel tower or the castle.
  6. Win a lottery or live 100 more years.
  7. Be a good singer or a dancer.
  8. Live without your favorite food or favorite game
  9. Live in a castle or be a superhero.
  10. Buy a new cellphone or a new tablet.

Name the Most

Name the most is a fun game where everyone can join. This game requires fast thinking, and you just need to choose a category like Disney movies; then, everyone will take turns to give any Disney movie they know. There should be a timer for about 5-10 seconds for each player. 

The player who fails to answer will be eliminated from the game. 

Sing-Along Challenge

This game is perfect if you are into music. First, player 1 will only sing a song and decide where to stop; then, the next player should pay attention to the last word player 1 mentioned. Then, the next player should think of a song where he/she can start with the last word mentioned by player 1. 

Name the Tune Game

We are sure that if the players are musically inclined, they will enjoy this game. Player 1 will hum a little tune, and all the players will be tasked to guess the song’s title. The player who receives the highest score will win.

City, Country, River

A perfect game to challenge your kids with their knowledge about geography: player 1 will only give a letter, and everyone will take turns to answer and give one country, city, and river that starts with the letter given by player 1. 

How long is the tunnel

This game is fun to play if you know you will be passing a tunnel during your trip. So, before you enter the tunnel, you will give a specific number, and once you start passing through the tunnel, everyone will start counting, and the winner who got the closest will win. 

Bring everything you can on the picnic

This game is easy-to-do and straightforward; the player will give a specific category like food, then everyone will give what edible food they can bring; if your name starts with the letter A, then you can only give food that begins with the letter A. For example: “I’m Ana and I will bring apples,” “I’m Brandon and I will bring a banana.”

Count the cows

Another basic game where everyone can join except for the driver. You will only count all the cows you will see on the side of the road, and every time you’ll pass a cemetery, you’re going to start counting all over again.

This game can sharpen your children’s math skills, and this game can be a good time killer while you are on the trip.

Memory Builder

If you want to test your memory skills, then you should play this game. So, this game only requires you to remember everything that the player will buy at the store. So, for example, “I’m Anna and I will buy Apples,” “I’m Ben and I will buy apples and bananas,“ and the list will continue.


Since trip and travel might be a long drive, that’s why it will be good for you to think of ways how you can kill time while you are waiting to arrive at your location. And the list above will surely help you enjoy your trip. You don’t need to worry about spending money because you won’t be required to purchase anything, so we are sure that you’ll save a lot of money here.

But still, you have to make sure if you’re going to choose a road trip game, it should be safe and ensure not to distract the driver for everyone’s safety.

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