Bicycle covers Buying Guide – How to Choose the Best Products?

If you are a cycling enthusiast and have more than one bike, one major issue you may be facing is the same storage. Over many years, there had been different times where you may have encountered the need to store your bikes inside and outside the house premises. When you are trying to store your bike outside, a major frustration may be that it is difficult to cover it up and protect it from various environmental elements. 

For example, sun damage can be worse on the paint of your bicycle. Rain and moisture exposure may expedite the rusting process of the metal parts of the bicycle etc. To protect your valuable bicycles from all these types of risks. It is essential to consider a good quality bicycle cover that will ensure optimum protection to your bike.

Various types of bicycle covers

Before you start to dive into buying a bicycle guide, you need to understand various covers available in the market, which fir to various use cases. You may first consider your exact need to find the best cover choice. Here are some standard use cases which everyone may come across.

  • Your bicycle being stored outdoors for a longer period.
  • Bicycle stored outside for a shorter time in between the communing.
  • Bicycle stored inside the house.
  • Bicycle stored inside your garage.
  • Bicycle stored anywhere while in transit.

Considering covering materials, specific consideration needed to be given for different use cases and what your exact requirements are. For example, the bicycle covers for outside storage may be designed differently from indoor storage covers, just for dust protection.

If you are already experienced by purchasing different types of bike covers, you may have already noticed these factors, which we have discussed here. On the other hand, beginners may think that buying a bicycle cover is pretty straightforward to do. However, there are various things you have to factor in while buying a good bike cover.

Materials used

This is one of the most important considerations to make when you are buying bicycle covers. All the bicycle covers are not made of the same material. You can get the basic cotton covers to canvas, vinyl, plastic, polyester, etc., as bicycle covers. If your bike is stored out, it is important to get a good quality waterproof and weatherproof cover. If the bike is being stored indoors, you can look for a lightweight cover that is easy to handle and protect your unit from any dust accumulation.

Size of the bike cover

Another important feature you need to consider while buying bike covers is the right-fitting size. As you know, bicycles may vary in their frame size and tire size, etc. If you are not sure about it, you need to take the appropriate measurements before getting onto buying bike covers. There are one-size-fits-all covers for different bikes, which you can consider if you find it matching your requirement. For the branded bicycles, you can search for custom-made covers which will ensure optimum protection based on the design aspects of your bicycle.

It is also suggested that you try to choose some reflective materials if you plan to store your bike outside near the pathway or so. It may also be advisable to look for accessibility features and lock-holes etc., to ensure optimum safety and protection to your valuable bicycles.

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