Checklist of Things to do in Turkey in 2023

How do you spend a well-deserved vacation in Turkey, especially when it is your first time in the Land of four seasons? Beyond its impeccably attractive weather, there are so many fun things to do in Turkey and you will be doing yourself a great disservice by not experiencing the beauties of the land, and the wonders of the culture.

Gladly, this article was composed to help guide you through the most interesting and fun activities to engage in Turkey. Regardless of which part of the country you are in and the district you lodge, the awesomeness of Turkey permeates all of its regions such that you can be rest assured that there will be no dull moment if you follow this guide.

How to have fun in Turkey as a new comer

The people are hospitable, the food is nice, and you have heard of the cool places around but cannot seem to find them or you have such a long list that it is now hard to decide where to go to. Take a deep breath and try this vacation plan as suggested According to

Take a long walk to absorb the new atmosphere

You will have a great deal of clarity by taking a walk down your apartment and absorbing the new atmosphere around you. This is the first thing to do when you touch ground on Turkey’s soil, take a camera along with you and take some portraits wherever you deem fit. As you walk along the street you may find some things that interest you and discover new local places that are close to you. As you walk along you can try to familiarize yourself with the people of the town, form conversations, and if you are introverted, just endeavor to take in the whole scenery. It is preferable to do this in the evening when the sun is down, but not too late in the night.

Search for the cool resorts around your area

One of the easiest ways to know the cool spots around you is to simply check for them! You may not have the luxury of time, or the strength to walk and discover these places yourself and that is why you can simply check for them through your phone apps, like google maps, etc. The keywords to search for ‘resorts around me’ ‘hotel resort in ____ (your location)’, or ‘bars and restaurants in _____’, etc. These tips will help you regardless of where you are, because most of the cool spots are online. Do not restrict yourself to google, try out facebook suggestions, etc.

Google the best beaches in your area

Almost every city and district in Turkey has a beach area. If you are lucky, you may have stumbled on some on your way to your apartment, in other cases, it may be far away from your place of abode. Either way, google is never wrong when it comes to issues like this. Search for the most popular beach spots in your area and pick any that appeals to you based on reviews. If you like the noisy or isolated ones, choose accordingly.

Google the best place to-go in your area

Another phenomenon that all of Turkey’s cities and districts have in common is the availability of historical centers and sites. You may not already know these places, but a simple search will reveal some of the obscure locations where you can visit and their respective stories. Interestingly, many of these locations are free of charge and you could have some real nice time there.

Try out events and hangouts on Eventbrite and other similar websites

Lastly, you can check out upcoming events in your intended location even before your arrival. This is to allow for ideas on what to expect and whether you can have fun there or you would have to move to another side entirely to have the fun you deserve.

Either way, pack your bags and make sure there is a swim suit, some sunscreen, sunshades and a dose of your beautiful aura as Turkey is fun for almost everyone who experiences her splendor.

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