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Chris Tall: Comedian’s Net Worth & Earnings

How much money does Chris Tall have?

The comedian Chris Tall is actually called Christopher Nast and was born on May 4th 1991 in Hamburg. The young comedian became known as a frequent guest on the show TV total by Stefan Raab. Since then, his career has taken a steep upward trend. His programs in which he makes fun of marginalized groups are particularly popular, as well as for his saying “Can he do that?”. The cherished Chris Tall’s net worth is $ 1 million.

Inspired by Mario Barth

Chris Tall's income
Even when he was at school, Chris Tall tried to cheer up his classmates with sayings and funny actions. When he was 13 he went to a Mario Barth show and so was him Beginning of the comedy career placed. His enthusiasm for Barth made him try his luck in this area himself. He made his first appearance in a Hamburg restaurant in front of twelve spectators, some of them belonging to his family.

In parallel to his training as an insurance salesman, Chris worked on his first stand-up program and performed regularly. He soon moved to Cologne to gain a foothold in the local cabaret scene. In 2011, Tall won the Stuttgart Comedy Clash, followed by victories at Comedy Slams and at the NDR Comedy Contest 2012. After winning the RTL Comedy Grand Prix, he was seen more and more often on television. Especially his appearances at TV total ensured its increasing popularity.

Movies and own shows

In 2014 he moved back to his hometown Hamburg. A year later he played for the first time in a movie, namely in Launch run. In addition, his first book was published Selfie from mom! When parents want to be cool. In 2016 he took over one of the Leading roles in the film Men’s day. A year later, two episodes of the live show ran on RTL Wanna bet?! Bülent versus Chris with Chris Tall and Bülent Ceylan. But he has also been on stage with other German comedians, such as Luke Mockridge and Cindy from Marzahn alias Ilka Bessin.

In 2018, Tall began two programs on RTL, namely Chris! Boom! Bang! and Is he allowed to do that? The Chris Tall Show. 2019 went to Amazon Prime six episodes of the show Chris Tall presents on-line, in which both unpublished stand-up performances by Tall and befriended comedians can be seen. In mid-2020, the comedian started the podcast 08/17 together with Özcan Coşar.

Excellent comedy

Chris Tall Net Worth
To the Awards that Chris Tall won in the course of his young career, include the German Comedy Prize 2016 in the Best Newcomer category, the 1Live Krone 2018 in the Comedy category and the Bambi 2019 in the Comedy category.

The merit of Chris Tall

His biggest source of income is appearances as a stand-up comedian. His shows with several thousand spectators are regularly sold out. He also signed a three-year exclusive contract with Constantin Entertainment at the beginning of 2017. The company produces the televised recordings of Tall’s stage shows as well as its television broadcasts. Tall has also been under an exclusive contract with Constantin Film since 2017. In the 14th season The Super talent on RTL Chris Tall forms the jury with Dieter Bohlen, Bruce Darnell and Evelyn Burdecki.

Chris Tall also makes money from his TV shows and podcasts. In addition, there is income from music and book sales. He also made his show in early 2020 Is he allowed to do that? for O2 advertising. In addition to an interactive advertising block as part of the opener, Tall is accompanying the campaign on his Instagram channel. In any case, we can look forward to seeing even more of the young, up-and-coming comedian in the future.

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