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Simon Desue: The YouTuber’s Fortune

How much money does Simon Desue have?

Simon Desue is a German video producer, actor and YouTuber. The hamburger with the real name Joshua Weißleder was born in 1991 in the Hanseatic city. With the founding of the YouTube channel in 2009, Simon Desue belongs to the first generation of web video producers who achieved high income on the video platform. The cherished Simon Desue’s net worth is 5 million euros.

Childhood and adolescence of Simon Desue

Income from Simon Desue
Simon Desue’s father comes from Ivory Coast. Before starting school, the young Joshua Weißleder also lived in his father’s African homeland. After the outbreak of the civil war he came back to Hamburg and from then on lived with his mother. Born in Hamburg, he has not completed any training. In the year In 2009 he founded his first YouTube channel called HalfcastGermany – his breakthrough on the video platform.

First generation YouTube star

Simon Desue is a first generation YouTuber. He earns a living with his channel on the video platform. He then renamed his first channel “Simon Desue”. In his first video the YouTuber criticized the then popular social media platform SchülerVZ. The video went viral and paved the way for its huge success. Today the young entertainer has over four million followers on YouTube. In total, his 700+ videos have more than 800 million views.

TV and cinema appearances

Simon Desue's salary
The YouTube platform and its reach are not enough for Joshua Weißleder. As a result, he decided to make various appearances in television and cinema. The YouTuber appeared on German television on “taff”, “Die Schulermittler” or “Promi Big Brother”. His fans can see it in the cinema in the movies Potato Salad – Don’t Ask! or Brother before bitch admire.

Publication of books and songs

Desue generates the majority of its income with the video platform YouTube. As a YouTuber from the very beginning, he can earn a living from producing the video clips. His monthly YouTube salary is 4,200 euros. Nonetheless, the native of Hamburg published his own songs and books. The books were published by Riva Verlag in Munich in collaboration with Daniel Schmunk. It is light food for young people and teenagers in the form of helpful sayings for everyday life.

Relocation to Dubai with girlfriend

In his private life, Joshua Weißleder is in a relationship with Enisa Bukvic. Enisa Bukvic also works as an influencer. The young model with Swedish-Bosnian ancestors gained fame through her participation in Germany’s Next Topmodel. Together, the young couple said “goodbye” to their homeland Germany in 2019 and bought a luxury property in Dubai.

Simon Desue’s counterfeit money scandal

Merit of Simon Desue
Desue recently attracted attention with a counterfeit money scandal. In a video series the entertainer wanted to acquire counterfeit money on the Darknet and then make a purchase. In several videos, the YouTube star shows how he orders the supposed counterfeit money, an envelope with banknotes lies in front of his door and then he buys an expensive coffee machine.

As a result, a criminal complaint landed on the police’s online portal – the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office initiated an investigation into suspected falsification of a criminal offense. In interviews around the court assembly, Simon Desue admitted that his channel is mostly fictional and purely for entertainment. The The trial ended in an acquittal – the judge was of the opinion that Simon Desue acted without intent.

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