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Sophia Thomalla: assets of the actress

How much money does Sophia Thomalla have?

Sophia Thomalla is an actress, presenter, model and a well-known TV face. She is also extremely successful as an influencer with more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram. Her love life also causes a stir, as the singers Gavin Rosdale and Till Lindemann are among her ex-partners. The cherished Sophia Thomalla’s net worth is 8 million euros.

Merit of Sophia Thomalla

Merit of Sophia Thomalla
Sophia Thomalla has various activities in the media industry. She receives good salaries for her jobs as an actress, presenter and jury member in casting shows. She also works as a model and was, among other things, testimonial of Lidl’s own brands Cien and Esmara. They should not be insignificant either The income that Thomalla generates as an influencer. She has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram and occasionally publishes sponsored posts. The earnings from these activities ensure a steadily growing wealth.

Shareholder at Schüttflix GmbH

Thomalla has been since autumn 2019 Shareholder of the company Schüttflix, a start-up in the field of logistics for building materials. For this she spent a high six-figure sum of money. According to reports, the company doubled its sales by March 2020. The model was also photographed for the Schüttflix wall calendar, including exclusive photos in sand pits and in front of construction machinery.

Hard grain

With Hardkorn, the entrepreneur has launched her own alcohol on the market. Like other stars and influencers, Sophia has created her own grain products together with one of the spirits manufacturer “WEILA”. How much of it flows back as a stake is not known, as it does not hold a stake in the company itself, but only receives a percentage of the products sold. So far there are three types: wheat grain, watermelon and sour cherry.

Daughter of two actors

The mother of Sophia Thomalla is the actress Simone Thomalla, who, among other things, played a permanent role in the Leipzig episodes from 2008 to 2015 crime scene had. Her father André Vetters is also an actor, but mostly in the theater. As a teenager, Sophia did kickboxing and did some amateur fights. In 2006 Thomalla had her first role as an actress in an episode of the TV series Commissioner Laurenti. A year later she wrote to the Constantin School for Drama, Dance and Singing in Bochum one that she visited until 2009. She then appeared in three episodes of the Daily Soap One like none to see. She also took part in the casting for the fourth season of Heidi Klum’s Germany’s Next Topmodel part. However, the producers ruled out Thomalla’s progress because she was friends with jury member Peyman Amin and they wanted to avoid suspicion of bias.

Dancer, comedian and model

Sophia Thomalla's fortune
In 2010 Sophia Thomalla took part in the show Let’s dance part and won the title with her partner Massimo Sinató. In May 2012 she was naked in German playboy to see. In addition, she was from Sat.1 for the ensemble of the comedy series The brazen three – now even bolder selected. At the side of Nirco Nontschew and Oliver Beerhenke, she was seen in ten episodes until the show was finally canceled. From 2014 to 2017 she acted as a testimonial for Cien and Esmara, Lidl’s own care brands. Thomalla continues to increase her fortune not only with TV appearances, but also with advertising contracts like this one.

Engagements in TV and film

Sophia Thomalla can be seen in many different TV shows and of course gets hefty fees for it. In 2015 she led the Wok World Cup of ProSieben interviews with the participants at the finish. Even with the TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge In 2015 she was active as a co-presenter. In the first season of the RTL program broadcast in 2016 Dance dance dance she sat next to DJ BoBo and Cale Kalay on the jury. She performed the same function in the tattoo show Pain & Fame on Sixx. In June 2019 Thomalla took part in the celebrity special from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? part and won 125,000 euros for a good cause. She appears as a guest in numerous shows, for example in Luke Mockridge’s show formats.

In addition to appearances on television, Thomalla also continues to take on roles in films, including Man has to go through that (2015), Concrete frenzy and We cannot do otherwise (both 2020). She took over at the beginning of 2021 Moderation of the dating show Are You The One? on RTL and the streaming platform TVNOW.

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