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Usain Bolt: The Jamaican Sprinter’s Fortune

How much does Usain Bolt earn?

After having successfully completed the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, Usain Bolt is now regarded as both most successful sprinter as well as the most successful Olympic sprinter of all time. On a distance of 100 and 200 meters, he is not only the world record holder. Rather, he was also able to secure 6 gold medals as an individual athlete and 3 further gold medals in the Team by Olympia.

Due to a doping scandal of a teammate at the 2008 Olympics, a team medal was revoked. Due to its successes and highly endowed advertising contracts, a estimated net worth of 80 million euros not surprising. Usain Bolt officially ended his unprecedented career at the World Athletics Championships in London in August 2017. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for a final title.

Olympic successes

Usain Bolt has that much money
Usain only took part in 3 Olympiads, in which he was able to secure 3 medals each – more is simply not possible. Thus, the Jamaican, who by his own account continues to live in Jamaica, is true High flyer of the sports scene become. His great sporting successes have also earned him a considerable fortune. After all, around 80 million euros are slumbering in the athlete’s account.

Usain Bolt was able to take this money not only in the form of prize money. Rather, he has now become a well-known and sought-after advertising star and works with Puma. This collaboration alone should give him year after year until 2025 another 9.5 million euros bring in. Even if the sprinter does not have any further income in the coming years, he will not become poor. The advertising income alone is enough to provide for the rest of his life.

How does Usain Bolt spend his millions?

Usain Bolt is said to have earned an impressive 31 million euros in the year before the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Also, he’s the only athlete who makes it into the Forbes list of the highest paid stars has achieved. There he landed in 32nd place. By the way, he has had his deal with Puma since 2002. In recent years, Jamaica has not only enjoyed a regular income in the millions. In fact, there is hardly any other athlete with such an attractive advertising deal.

With such phenomenal income, Usain Bolt naturally treats himself to something from time to time. How exactly does he spend his madness? As a lover of fast runabouts, for example, he bought a black one Nissan GT-R. This sled would have cost him around 100,500 euros. He is also the proud owner of a gold Nissan GT-R. The exceptional athlete didn’t even have to pay a single cent for this chic vehicle. Because after winning three gold medals at the Olympic Games in London in 2012, the vehicle was a gift from Nissan, which of course used this gift for advertising purposes.

One of the biggest expenses Usain Bolt ever made was surely buying a house. The athlete bought one not far from his parents’ house own villa in Jamaica. Unfortunately, however, it is unknown how much money the athlete paid for this Kingston home. In any case, his neighbors have already complained about him, as Usain is known for his noisy parties, which he also likes to pay a lot for. He not only likes to celebrate in his own four walls. In 2015, the athlete is said to have paid around 11,700 euros for vodka alone in a British nightclub in London.

Investments in e-mobility

In May 2019, Bolt presented its plans for a ridesharing service with its own electric cars called “Bolt Nano”. The compact speedsters are reminiscent of the small Renault Twizy and should come on the market in 2020. He has also launched an e-scooter service that is supposed to be called “+ B +” due to a legal dispute.

Usain Bolt’s charitable commitment

Usain Bolt Net Worth
The exceptional talent among athletes doesn’t want to just spend his money on parties. Rather, the star is also involved in charities, especially in his home country Jamaica. The athlete proudly donated his old school in 2015 1.25 million euros. At the same time, of course, he also brought numerous sporting goods from his sponsor Puma. Thanks to the famous graduate, the students of his former school now have completely new opportunities open to them.

In 2013 he was also with one generous donation appeared. At that time, Usain Bolt donated the equivalent of 3.825 million euros to the Sherwood Content health center in Jamaica. Even though Usain Bolt is now retired, that won’t stop him from donating to a good cause in the future. After all, high sums of millions will flow into his coffers every year up to 2025 thanks to the cooperation with Puma. By the way, his social streak is one of the similarities between Usain Bolt and one of his friends – Prince Harry.

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