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Claus Hipp & family: assets of the entrepreneur

How rich are Claus Hipp and his family?

Claus Hipp is a German entrepreneur who was born in Munich in 1938. As managing director of the baby food manufacturer of the same name, Claus Hipp is known to the general public to this day. He and his family are one of the richest Germans and took over his father’s family business at an early age. Under his leadership, Hipp became one of the leading manufacturers in the baby food sector. With his company, the Munich resident has built up an empire and the huge fortunes associated with it. The cherished The Hipp family has assets of 1 billion euros.

Start of the great career

Income from Claus Hipp
Born in Bavaria, Nikolaus Joseph Hipp saw the light of day on October 22, 1938 in the state capital of Munich. He grew up with his six siblings in Munich. After graduating from high school, he decided to study at the law faculty of the Ludwig Maximilians University. Already during his studies he managed the family business. After his doctorate in law and After the death of his father, Claus Hipp took over the HIPP operations and became the personally liable partner. The new owner of the family business followed the guidelines of his father Georg. Nevertheless, the company continued to expand – now several thousand farmers belong to the Hipp company network. Baby food is produced in Germany, Croatia, Russia or Ukraine, for example, and is sold almost all over the world. Europe and China are the main sales markets of the Hipp company.

The company Hipp

Joseph Hipp laid the foundation stone for today’s successful company at the end of the 19th century. He produced rusk flour in his bakery in the Lebzelterei in Pfaffenhofen. He got the idea because his wife was having trouble breastfeeding her twins. So he rubbed the rusks he had made himself by hand and mixed this with milk – the first baby food was produced. Joseph’s son Georg took over the gingerbread shop in 1921. The production was then mainly based on “J. Hipp’s rusks for children ”.

The company Hipp and its managing director Claus stand for sustainability and biological responsibility. Even in the early years, his father Georg focused on the ecological compatibility of food production. Today the Hipp company has an excellent reputation all over the world. Numerous locations are operated in a climate-neutral manner. Thanks to responsible efforts, the consumption of energy and water decreased. With Focus on natural organic baby food Parents rely on healthy baby food and trust the German company.

Claus Hipp himself was the focus of public attention. The entrepreneur creates trust with his public appearances and advertising. “In the best organic quality“- that is the motto of the successful German. The careful use of natural resources, respectful cooperation with employees and business partners as well as social responsibility characterize the company’s mission statement. Claus Hipp’s children work in the family business and their son Stefan has been responsible for the media for several years. Stefan Hipp is now in the TV commercials and promotes baby food and other products from Hipp.

In addition to porridge, Hipp also produces diapers

Assets of Hipp
However, the Hipp company has not only focused on baby porridge for a long time. Milk food, biscuits, snacks, children’s meals, juices, tea and squeezes have long been part of the product range. Hipp also focuses on the manufacture of care products such as creams, shampoos, care oils, wet wipes and much more. For some time now, the company has also entered the premium diaper sector. The Hipp diapers make Pampers serious competition and thus further increase the company’s turnover. In the year In 2017 the Hipp Group achieved sales of EUR 950 millionro. It can be assumed that sales have continued to grow strongly since then. The entire Hipp Group employs around 3,500 people.

The down-to-earth Bavarian

The total estimated fortune of the Hipp family is 1 billion euros. Nevertheless, the Bavarian Claus Hipp has remained true to himself. He himself emphasizes that acting decently in the long run brings more success than ruthlessness. In addition, Claus Hipp still lives in his parents’ house – a farm in Pfaffenhofen.

The artist Claus Hipp

Claus Hipp's assets
Claus Hipp has not only made a name for himself in Germany as an entrepreneur. He himself completed an apprenticeship at a painting school. Since 1970 he has been traveling both as an entrepreneur and as a painter. Under his maiden name Nikolaus Hipp he is passionate about playing music and paints abstract art. Nikolaus Hipp’s pictures can be seen in some museums and collections. He has a full professorship at the state art academy in Georgia, and there is also a teaching position at the art academy in Bad Reichenhall.


As a successful entrepreneur and responsible managing director, Claus Hipp is one of the most popular rich people in Germany. As a result, there were numerous awards for the native of Munich. The German Founder’s Prize for his life’s work, the Great Cross of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria as well as the honorary citizenship in Tbilisi in Georgia bear witness to one thing Work that had an influence far beyond the German borders.

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