Which law has ordered and regulated workplace safety?

The structure of the Consolidated Law on safety

Legislative Decree 81/2008, introduced into our legal system on April 9, 2008, is divided into 13 Titles.

What is the law regarding safety at work?

In Italy, occupational safety is regulated by Legislative Decree 81 of 9 April 2008 also known as: Consolidated Law on occupational health and safety.

What was the law that changed the face of safety legislation?

Legislative Decree 9 April 2008, n. 81 “Implementation of article 1 of the law of 3 August 2007, n. 123, concerning the protection of health and safety in the workplace “.

What causes repetition of occupational health and safety violations for a construction company?

The zeroing of the score for the repetition of violations in the field of health and safety in the workplace makes it impossible for the company or the self-employed worker to carry out activities in the construction sector “.

In which year did the Italian laws begin to recognize that the health and safety of workers are a value to be protected?

Like many other regulations, those on health and safety at work are also based on the Italian Constitution of December 27, 1947. It sets out among the fundamental principles of the state the protection of health in article 32 and the protection of work in all its forms and applications to article 35.

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In what years was the process of reorganizing the provisions on safety in the workplace that led to the adoption of the Consolidated Law complete?

81/2008 and 106/2009, Updated text to Law 26 February 2011, n. … Consolidated Law on health and safety at work – coordinated with Legislative Decree 3 August 2009 n.

What were the two laws that first organized safety at work in an organic way?

The main provisions that have constituted the pillars of physical protection of workers for over half a century are the rules for: the prevention of accidents (DPR 547/1955); occupational hygiene (DPR 303/1956); job safety in construction (Presidential Decree 164/1956).

What type of minimum documentation is required by the Consolidated Safety Act?

Declaration of conformity atmospheric discharge protection system + first check + periodic check; Declaration of Conformity Mechanical systems of various kinds + first check by the installer.

Who identifies the measures to eliminate or reduce occupational risks?

Once the risk assessment has been completed and the general document on risks has been drafted, the employer must concretely take the most effective measures to eliminate or minimize the risks to the health of workers.

What did Legislative Decree 81 2008 introduce?

Pre-employment preventive medical examination: Legislative Decree 81/08 introduced the right for the employer to request pre-employment preventive medical examinations, carried out by the competent doctor or also by the prevention departments of the ASL.

Which was the first DPR to deal with temporary mobile construction sites?

Lgs. 424 of 1996 – “Implementation of Directive 92/57 / EEC concerning the minimum safety and health requirements to be implemented in temporary or mobile construction sites”.

What is the legislation that first placed the coordinated commitment of all company figures at the center of prevention?

1942 The first form of prevention is introduced. The art. 2087 of the Civil Code imposes on the entrepreneur the obligation to adopt measures to protect the physical integrity and moral personality of the workers.

What is the reference regulatory provision for health and safety in the workplace?

The Consolidated Law for the Safety of Workers is a set of rules of the Italian Republic, on health and safety at work, issued with Legislative Decree 81/2008, integrated with the corrective decree n.

What is the most important regulatory document concerning safety?

lgs 81/08 or Consolidated Law on health and safety at work. … 123, concerning the protection of health and safety in places and, as amended by Legislative Decree 106/2009, still represents the most complete text and the main regulatory reference on the subject today.

Which law is currently in force regarding safety in the form of the Consolidated Safety Act?

81 (Consolidated Law on Safety in the Workplace), which entered into force on May 15, 2008, subsequently amended by Legislative Decree no. lgs. 3 August 2009 n. 106, currently in force.

How does a protective measure work?

First of all it is good to distinguish the Prevention measures from the Protection measures: the former, in fact, act on the probability of the occurrence of a specific harmful fact and are aimed at reducing and preventing this from happening; the latter, on the other hand, act on the very nature of the harmful fact and are …

What is the goal of a job risk analysis?

Any employer has the duty to guarantee the safety and health of workers in all aspects connected with the work activity. The purpose of the risk assessment is to enable the employer to take the necessary measures to protect the safety and health of workers.

How are the risks to people in the workplace classified?

The risks at work that can turn into damage to workers are divided into three categories: health risks, safety risks and transversal risks.

What are the basic security documents?

What documents are required to be in compliance with the Consolidated Security Act?
  • Certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Accident register (original on site and a photocopy at each construction site in the same province)
  • Procurement contract (contract with each contractor and subcontractor)

What does the consolidated act contain?

A single text contains the rules relating to health surveillance, prevention in the workplace, safety signs and generic risks, such as fire prevention and first aid measures.

Who carries out the tasks assigned to the RSPP?

The employer, as mentioned, can directly play the role of RSPP (together with that of first aid and fire prevention).

What are the innovations introduced by Legislative Decree 626 94?:?

In fact, 626/94 introduced some innovations compared to the past: the Prevention and Protection Service and the figure of its manager, and the workers’ safety representative with the task of being a link between employer and employees.

What are the main objectives pursued with Legislative Decree No. 626 94?: *?

The purpose of Law 626 was to put Italy on a par with other European countries in terms of safety at work. Law 626 introduced important elements, including the figure of the RSPP, the figure of the RLS (the Workers’ Safety Representative) and the Prevention and Protection Service.

How was safety at work born?

The modern concept of “Work Safety” was born with the Industrial Revolution and stems from the promotion of the first general regulation on accident prevention issued in 1899 for the exclusive benefit of the working class, defined as follows: “Those who lend to machines moved by inanimate agents the …

What are the unique texts?

Unique texts can be configured as sources of knowledge or, in some cases, even as sources of production. These are texts that collect pre-existing normative acts which, although placed at different times, govern the same subject by unifying and coordinating the norms produced by those acts.

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