How many inhabitants are varese?

The province of Varese is an Italian province of Lombardy, with Varese as its capital. With 878 363 inhabitants it is the 4th most populous province in Lombardy after the metropolitan city of Milan and after the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo. It is the 16th province of Italy by population and the 5th by population density.

How many inhabitants does Lombardy have in 2020?

Lombardy has 10,060,574 inhabitants (as of 1.01.2020, latest Istat update), the first in Italy for resident population. The activity rate of residents aged 15-64 is 72%.

What is the population density in Italy?

The population (or housing) density in Italy, based on the 14th Census of Population and Housing (2001), is equal to 189 inhab./kmq, with considerable regional differences.

How many inhabitants does Italy have in 2021?

The population in Italy continues to decline. Istat data show that, from 1 January 2021, there are 59 million 258 thousand residents in our country. That is 384 thousand less on an annual basis, with a minimum of births and a maximum of deaths: 7 newborns and 13 deaths per thousand inhabitants.

How many inhabitants does Rome have in 2021?

69.5% of the Italian population is urban (42,006,701 people in 2021). For the monarchical phase of Rome, even just groped to provide precise numbers is a difficult and dangerous task.

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What are the Varese Valleys?

Mountains and Valleys
  • Luinese Valleys.
  • Valcuvia and Valtravaglia.
  • Valganna and Valmarchirolo.
  • Valceresio.
  • Valbossa.
  • Olona Valley.

What color is Varese?

Orange zone reinforced also for Bollate (Milan), Viggiù (Varese) and Mede (Pavia), the province of Brescia (Lombardy) and the municipalities of Viadanica, Predore San Martino, Sarnico, Villongo, Castelli Calepio, Credaro and Gandosso in the province of Bergamo and Soncino in the province of Cremona.

How many municipalities are there in the province of Varese?

The following 138 municipalities belong to the province of Varese: Agra. Albize. Angera.

What are the largest urban agglomerations?

The 10 most populous cities in the world
  • Chongqing, China. The record as the most populous city in the world goes to the Chinese megalopolis of Chongqing, located in the south-central of the country. …
  • Shanghai, China. …
  • Beijing, China. …
  • Lagos, Nigeria. …
  • Tianjin, China. …
  • Istanbul, Turkey. …
  • Karachi, Pakistan. …
  • Tokyo, Japan.

How many schools are there in Varese?

The 860 public and private schools of all types and levels in the province of Varese, by geographical area and by type. See the 2021/2022 School Calendar of Lombardy.

When was Milan the capital of Italy?

by Francesca Bonazzoli. Few remember it, but Milan was the capital of the Western Roman Empire from 286 to 402.

How many millions of people are there in Milan?

Here the figures soar: the inhabitants reach almost 3,279,944. Also in this case, our metropolis is the most populous in Italy after Rome Capital.

How many inhabitants does Rome and Milan have?

Rome has 2.87 million inhabitants against the 1.35 of Milan and are respectively the first and second most inhabited municipality in Italy.

What is the least populated region of Italy?

Marche: 1,543,752 inhabitants.

How many people are there in 2021?

At the end of March 2021, the world population would amount to over 7.85 billion people. According to the UN (2019), it could reach 10 billion by 2100. According to the IHME, however, it will reach a peak of 9.7 billion in 2064 and then drop to 8.8 in 2100.

How many are we in the world in 2021?

As of May 2021, the world population was nearly 7.867 billion people.

What is the population density in Italy per square km?

Italy population density = 206 inhabitants per km2

If we want to compare the population density of Italy with that of other states in the world, it appears that Italy is in 60th place in a virtual ranking of states ordered by resident population density.

Which region has the lowest population density?

The state with the lowest population density is Greenland with a population density of 0.03 inhabitants per square kilometer.

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