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Nimo (Nima Yaghobi): Net Worth & Earnings of the Rapper

How much money does Nimo have?

As a teenager, Nimo was sentenced to imprisonment. In prison he turned to German rap and is now one of the most successful German rappers. His songs have been streamed over 600 million times on Spotify and his music videos have been viewed over 400 million times on YouTube. The rapper’s income is correspondingly impressive. The cherished Nimo assets are 2.5 million euros.

Nimo’s Income & Earnings

Income from Nimo
As a rapper, Nimo generates his income primarily with his music and has built his fortune with it. In his career to date he has sold more than 2.2 million records. In addition, the rapper over 600 million streams on Spotify on. The platform is likely to have paid him more than two million euros for this. The more than 400 million views of his videos on YouTube are also noticeable in the form of advertising income on his account. Nimo also earns money through concerts and can thus further increase his fortune.

From prison to the stage

Nima Yaghobi was sentenced to youth imprisonment when she was 15 years old for a number of crimes such as blackmail. He had already been interested in German rap before, and in prison he finally started rapping himself, laying the foundation for his fortune today. He posted several self-recorded videos on Facebook, whereupon Celo & Abdo noticed him. They took Nima on their acupuncture TOUR in 2014 as a support act. In June 2015, the young rapper signed a contract with 385idéal, the Celo & Abdo record label. Then in autumn 2015 he was on stage again at the dates of the Frankfurt duo’s Bonchance Tour. In February 2016, Nimo brought the mixtape Habeebee which he presented in September and October 2016 on the Jaaaaa Maaaann Habeebeee Tour in eight cities in Germany and Austria.

Successful debut album

Merit of Nimo
In May 2017 appeared with Lambo Diablo GT a collaboration between Nimo and Capo, which sold over 600,000 times and was awarded a triple gold record in Germany. In June 2017, Nimo released his debut album K¡K¡, which reached fourth place in the German charts, third place in Austria and sixth place in Switzerland. Three of the four singles that were released from the LP entered the German sales list, Today with me thanks to more than 400,000 units sold, it even ranks 10th in November 2017 Mon Cheri another collaboration with Capo. This landed in eighth place in the German charts and recorded over 200,000 sales. This also increases the rapper’s fortune.

Two number 1 hits in one year

Mon Cheri was on Capimo included, the joint album by Nimo and Capo, which appeared in March 2019. It reached number 7 in Germany and number 5 in Austria. In June 2019, Nimo topped the charts for the first time when the song Royal Rumble by him, Capital Bra, Samra, Luciano and Kalazh44 became a number 1 hit. At the beginning of December 2019, Nimo and the rapper Hava placed their song No sleep at the top of the German sales list. At the end of December 2019, Nimo’s second album came out Nimoriginal on the market. It rose to 4th place in Germany and 8th place in Switzerland.

From the beginning of 2020 to March 2021, Nimo was in the German top 10 with four singles. He reached Eno in January 2020 with the song communication 6th place, in October 2020 he made it with Mero and the single D.ésolé on rank 3. The song Bad Eyez, which he launched with Luciano in February 2021, placed fifth on the charts and landed a month later do not ask me, a collaboration between Miksu, Macloud, Jamule and Nimo, ranked 2nd. As a rapper, Nimo will certainly celebrate more successes and thus also be able to increase his fortune.

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