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The list of his occupations alone shows that Clint Eastwood is a man of many talents. The now somewhat aging father of seven children was not only able to make a name for himself as a globally successful film actor. Born in California, Clint was already mayor of Carmel on the US west coast. Today he still runs a hotel there, the Mission Ranch. Fans can stay there and sniff a little star air. The Pale Rider Ale, named after one of his Hollywood films, can also be tasted in the hotel of the clever businessman Clint Eastwood. The American was very hardworking for many years. So Clint Eastwood could become a valued one Assets of 325 million euros pile up.

An exciting life

Clint Eastwood's Income
While everything is going well for Clint financially, this is not necessarily the case privately. After 17 years of marriage, Dina and Clint Eastwood, who have a daughter, finally separated in 2013. His previous marriage had also failed. In addition, the a total of seven children of the Hollywood superstar not only from his two marriages, but also from three extramarital relationships. At least the star actor can already look back on an eventful life.

Before Clint made his big break as a movie star, his life was anything but orderly. He went to a total of ten schools. He never graduated from college either, but turned his back on the university in 1948. Afterwards, today’s star worked not only as a warehouse worker, but also as a stoker, lumberjack and gas station attendant – no glamorous jobs. He owes his current career primarily to his time in the military. In 1951, Clint Eastwood was called up and soon met David Janssen, who encouraged him to become a Hollywood actor. David Janssen, who appeared on the series “On the run” himself became known as an actor, so is responsible for the fact that the world today knows the genius Clint Eastwood. Clinton is very hard of hearing and still prefers not to wear a hearing aid.

Clint Eastwood – a man of many talents

Universal Pictures was the first studio that Clint Eastwood gave a chance. In connection with his six-month contract, however, the young, well-built Clint had to take acting lessons before he could be seen in various smaller roles. In 1957, Universal decided not to renew his contract. Eastwood hired from then on as a swimming instructor. In view of the serious illness of his wife at the time, his earnings were not enough in back and front. It wasn’t until 1959 that improvement was in sight, when Clint was able to gain a foothold on TV. He was allowed to use his talent at the Western series “A Thousand Miles of Dust” prove in 217 episodes spread over eight seasons.

Clint Eastwood's fortune
In 1964 his long-awaited breakthrough came in an Italo-Western. Clint Eastwood was very fortunate that the then director of “For a Fistful of Dollars” did not have the budget to hire a major Hollywood star. This was Eastwood’s chance he was for one Fee not exceeding $ 15,000 fully exploited. Even if the critics had nothing to do with the film and described it as obscure, the American had made it thanks to its groundbreaking box-office success. It took a few years until he was finally able to establish himself as a western star in his home country. But Clint had always taken the path to his great successes. The role of “Dirty Harry” ultimately made him a superstar par excellence.

A truly great, moving career

His directing Oscars also show that Hollywood would not be the same without this all-rounder. The director Clint Eastwood received his first Academy Award in the 1990s for “Merciless”. The second Oscar was then for “Million Dollar Baby” – also in the role of director. Not to be neglected are the 45 films in which Clint starred. As an actor, he was also granted two Oscars: a feat that no director / actor apart from himself has managed to date. Whether as a singer, voice actor or in politics, Clint Eastwood definitely got the gene for success despite his difficult beginnings.

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