8 Common Vaping Mistakes Made By Beginners

Vaping itself is not that difficult to master. It’s a simple device where you draw and breathe in the smoke. However, if you’ve never tried vaping before, there will be a few side effects if you don’t follow some unspoken rules. 

Essentially, beginners need appropriate vaping devices and dosages to have a pleasant experience. But, many opt for popular or cheap vapes instead.

In this article, we’re discussing the top eight vaping mistakes made by beginners with or without proper beginner vaping devices. Hopefully, you’ll feel more comfortable using a vape by the end.

Top 8 Mistakes By Beginners

If you’ve never vaped, you should know that there will be mild side effects like dizziness, lightheadedness, coughing, etc. But, if you misuse the dosage, your first vaping time might turn into a highly unpleasant ordeal.

So, here are the top eight vaping mistakes as a rookie vaper:

1: Choosing The Wrong Vaping Device

Beginners often believe that the most expensive vaping device is the best for their stage. Other first-timers opt for a poor-quality vaping device since it’s their first one.

However, the appropriate devices for your level are beginner vape devices, which aren’t the most expensive nor the cheapest. 

You need a user-friendly device so you can relish the flavor. Otherwise, if you invest in cheap vapes with simple technology, mind that the experience will be far less desirable.

2: Using The Wrong Nicotine Level

If you get the dosage of the nicotine level wrong, you may encounter some unpleasant side effects. This point is essential if you decide to lower your nicotine consumption and switch to vaping.

The selection of pods and free pour e-liquids vary from:

  • 3 mg – For Beginners;
  • 6 mg – For Light Smokers;
  • 18 mg – For Heavy Smokers.

So, if you smoke up to a pack of cigarettes daily, you should opt for 18 mg. You should use e-juice from 6 to 12 mg for less than ten daily cigarettes.

As for fresh vapers, choosing 3 mg is the optimal dosage to eliminate the side effects. Otherwise, not using the correct dosages might lead to headaches, difficulty breathing, coughing, feeling nauseous, or even vomiting. To avoid these situations, please don’t skip the beginner stage to full-time vaping.

3: Setting The Right Flavor And PG/VG Ratio

To get a satisfactory vaping experience, you must know how to set the right flavor and PG/VG ratio.

There are numerous e-liquids with fruity, candy, menthol, tobacco, floral, and many other flavors. 

If you’re a beginner, starting with something refreshing instead of sweet is advisable because you might otherwise not enjoy the taste. You can begin with menthol, and as you get used to vaping, you can switch the flavors.

PG/VG ratio refers to Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). These two make up the base of your e-liquids or pods. 

The PG and VG serve similar purposes. However, a higher PG liquid provides a pleasurable throat hit akin to smoking tobacco. In contrast, a high VG liquid retains more moisture and generates more enormous vapor clouds, making it ideal for sub-ohm vaping.

4: Wrong Storage Of The Vape

Many rookies claim that vaping is enjoyable but costly to practice because batteries quickly wear off. However, this isn’t entirely true.

Many vape owners persistently expose their vapes to extremely hot or cold temperatures, which affects the batteries and overall product. Therefore, you should remember to keep your vape at an average temperature and in an adequate cover.

Another rookie mistake is forgetting to turn off the device before you store it to charge, which also wears off the batteries.

5: Changing Coil Confusions

Most beginners face trouble changing the coil, which leads to straining or fully burning the coils.

Priming is simple and designed to help you save coil. The precise procedure for priming varies based on the kind and configuration of your coil. 

It all comes down to adding a few drops of e-juice to the wick resting on the coil, allowing it some time to absorb, and then replacing the lock. By doing this, the coils will be suitably saturated when you fire up your vaporizer.

6: Under/Overwhelmed With Information

Being informed is essential, especially if there isn’t anyone else to teach you. 

Therefore, watching tutorials about adequately storing the vapes is highly advisable. However, the internet also prevails with misinformation, so don’t swear by everything you read. Make sure that you read only from trustworthy publishers.

7: Wrong Charging Routines

When charging your e-cigarette, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and use the suitable charging cable and USB/plug socket. Not using the original charger can cause the battery to die and wear off – just like with other electronic devices.

But, more importantly, charging your vape without reading the instructions can cause your device to overheat and pose a fire danger. Also, it shortens the battery if it is missing the necessary safety safeguards.

8: Not Cleaning The Product

If you don’t want a sour aftertaste, you should always keep your vape clean. So, establishing a cleaning routine is crucial in this case.

The day after you’ve vaped, you can sit down and clean your vape by wiping it down. If you plan to switch e-liquid flavors, ensure the tank is pristine. 

That way, you won’t mix the flavors and ruin the taste. Otherwise, the residue will do its thing.


The moral of this article is before you buy your vape kit, it’s best if you stick to beginner vape devices. Don’t spend money on expensive kits because the taste won’t be any different if you don’t know how to use them.

Always read the instructions before charging the vape. Not using the correct cable or setting it in a bag can be a fire hazard.

Last but not least – get informed about mixing e-liquids with PG/VG, and pay attention to the nicotine level. If you’ve never tried vaping, use 3 mg of nicotine and gradually up the dose.

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