7 reasons why you are feeling restless and unmotivated

Motivation is the source of living a happy life. We feel restlessness if we constantly keep thinking about our problems. Yes, what you heard is true. Only because of our own problems. It might be the problem with your love or with the friend or with the colleague in office or with the spouse or with the job or with your boss or with the wicked world.

Loneliness is a conditional state, it is not the same as being alone. Being alone is the only truth in existence and there’s actually great power in it. A tree is alone, a dog is alone, the Sun is alone, the universe itself is alone. Your subjective experience of life is only experienced by you, so you are alone. It is the only truth.

Even in the presence of other people you can still feel loneliness. So, it is not that you are physically alone, it is because you are seeking happiness, and in order for you to feel happy, you’ve placed a self-imposed condition in order to experience it, otherwise you will experience unhappiness, which is where you are mistaking the feeling of loneliness with unhappiness.

Here, are the major 7 reasons why you are feeling restless and unmotivated.

1. You run away

At some point, you will have to stop and analyze the situation. Not every critical moment means collapse. Stop running away from things and problems. Everything can be solved. Run towards something, not away from it. Some people have a bunion and they make excuses. They can use a bunion splint in that case. A Tynor bunion splint will help to fix the bunion in the thumb.

2. Your dream is not yours

This is the main reason behind feeling unmotivated. If you are fighting for someone else’s dream, you will eventually fail. What you work for should be your own desire, not your parents’. Don’t worry, your family business does not need you if you are not loving what you do. Chase your own dreams.

3. You think you are lazy

Lazy differs from unmotivated. If you have the idea and the drive, but you are too lazy to do something then you are not unmotivated. You just need to leave your home. The lack of motivation often results in hating what you do. The laziness doesn’t. Stop convincing yourself you are lazy if you really are unmotivated. Start doing something to change it.

4. You are afraid

Does not matter where your fear comes from, you definitely are afraid of something. Probably of changes. Being unmotivated is often caused by being scared of finally doing something different. Overcome your fears. Leave your comfort zone. Nothing ever grows there.

5. Lack of Passion

We all have several dreams in our childhood. We wish to change not only ourselves but also the world. There is nothing that seems impossible to us. However, as we grow, we stop believing on our dreams and gradually lose all passion to achieve great things in life. We want to be secure and pass the life instead of living it with joy and passion. When you are just passing the life as it comes, you can’t be active.

6. Lack of Confidence

Some people wish to do so many things in life but they lose confidence on themselves. They lose their confidence because they have faced several failures while trying to achieve great things in life earlier. Their suffering from these failures is so high that they stop doing anything so that they can avoid failure in future.

7. Powerful Support System

Some people are born with silver spoon in their mouth. Their parents are so rich that they don’t have to struggle for anything in their life. Some people have got caring spouse or children who take care of them totally. Sometime Government pays them enough money in doles that they can manage all their affairs within it. They lose their desire to struggle and become lazy being satisfied in enjoying the fruit of other’s labor.

Another major factors to be considered are as follows:

Physical Laziness

Waking up at 6am in the morning, getting ready for your work, reaching somehow at 8.10 to 8.15am in the morning, sleeping through all by keeping eyes open, complete unwillingness to do some productive work; for me this is Physical Laziness. This is story of every person.

Don’t Worry and Sleep Well.

There are some few cases where you cannot sleep because, but sleep is the form of reproducing the energy which we lost due in the day time due to our work. If you’re too idle in whole day in the so-called Energy Saving Mode called Procrastination or Lazy mode, then you cannot get sleep at all. All you have to do is to spend some energy in the day time in the form of any physical activity.



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