Best Vape Device for Beginners

If you are new to vaping, you might wonder what device will be the best for you. There are so many different models on the market that it can be overwhelming as you shop for a new vape.

You will find many aspects of selecting vaping products comes down to personal preferences and opinions. That said, a vape can be broken down by how easy or difficult it is to use.

Most beginners will find that looking at products based on experience and skill needed to use a particular model is a good starting point. Let’s approach the conversation from a beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert user’s point of view.

Just Starting Out – Beginners

If you are unfamiliar with vaping, you would probably benefit most from using devices in this category. What are some considerations when looking at devices for beginner vapers?

  • Cheaper: Most products in this category are simple in design and function. That makes them budget-friendly and a good option to see if you are interested in the activity.
  • Easy and safe: These vapes are easy to work with, and they have limited output that makes them safer for a newbie to use;
  • Limited performance: Making a vape cheap, easy, and safe means it suffers in performance compared to more advanced models.

Beginners often have limited knowledge of concepts like electrical resistance (Joules Law), so these vapes will be limited in modifications. They usually have integrated batteries and coils that are simple to replace. Several manufacturers package vape designs in this category in a starter kit that includes everything you need to get started. Disposable vapes are also a popular choice for newbies..

Gaining Familiarity – Intermediates

Vapers who have used e-products and are familiar with their function fall into this category. Vaping products that target this user base will offer:

  • Provide more power: Intermediate vapes operate up to 80-watts, and the resistance drops down to 0.5 ohms on the replaceable coils in the clearomizers;
  • Increased output: You can get more flavor and production from intermediate vapes when compared to a beginner device. These still provide users with plenty of safety;
  • Higher maintenance: More power means greater responsibility. You will find that intermediate vapes are more demanding than a starter product.

Intermediate users will understand how their vape works, and they should be able to do simple maintenance and troubleshooting to take advantage of what these products offer. Sub-ohm vaping produces more vapor without increasing battery power. You might consider further research on the topic to know where increased vapor stops and increased heat begins.

Modified Vaping – Advanced Vapers

Advanced vapers have a true understanding of how these devices work. They also have a working knowledge of electronic concepts like Ohm’s Law (which can help you calculate the relationship between current, voltage, and resistance) and Joules Law (necessary for understanding the relationship between heat generation and resistance in your vape). Increased battery output must also be understood and respected by advanced vapers.

What makes advanced vaping different:

  • Rebuilding vapes: Advanced users modify and rebuild their vapes. The purpose here is to create a maximum output of vapor and flavor;
  • Higher wattage: Vapes in this category rate higher than 80-watts. If rebuilding is not your thing, you can still buy high-powered models;
  • You need to educate yourself: Advanced vaping can push the envelope in terms of safety, and you need to educate yourself to minimize accidents to you and your vape.

Advanced Vaping Over Time – Experts

Once you have an advanced understanding of vaping, the only thing that separates you from the experts is time. Experience lets you discover the inner workings of multiple designs. Expert vapers are identified by their:

  • Knowledge: Experts fully understand the function of all vape components and have a solid grasp of applicable electronics theory. They grasp the workings of any vaping design, even if they are encountering it for the first time;
  • Tinkering: Experts are comfortable breaking down a vape, modifying it, and troubleshooting issues. At this stage, you likely have a collection of extra parts and like tinkering just for the fun of it.
  • Few exclusive models: You will find very few “expert” vape designs. Some hybrid models with features like direct to battery connection might classify as “expert.”

Experts will push components to their limits. Safety is paramount with expert modifications.


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