Could Smoking Cannabis Really Help You Study?

Does smoking weed affect studying?

Marijuana has the potential to assist people in all walks of life. Countless studies show how it reduces anxiety and can improve your mood. There are even some strains that enhance your focus and creative thinking.

At the same time, many clinical trials reveal a decrease in your ability to remember information while high. It may also induce other potentially adverse effects that could hinder your ability to study.

So, how do you ensure your order of bulk cannabis isn’t holding you back academically?

Here, we take you through how marijuana affects your ability to study, as well as its impact on your memories. You’ll also discover a few ways to learn and withhold information without stressing yourself silly.

Let’s get started.

Can Weed Impact Your Academic Performance?

A popular belief amongst marijuana users is that it helps you study, but does weed affect your learning ability?

The majority of studies suggest that cannabis has a negative impact on how well you learn and withhold information.

The main factor contributing to this consensus is that weed tends to make it difficult to pay attention and memorize details. It’s important to note that everyone is different and that the dosage and potency of your selected cultivar play a part.

Some believe these adverse effects are prevented by choosing the correct strain genetics. It turns out this theory is false, and both indica and sativa cultivars can hinder your ability to learn.

The most significant contributor to the poor relationship between marijuana and learning is actually THC.

Over the years, any cultivar with more than 10% THC was generally considered strong. These days, hybrids contain more than 20%, enhancing both the positive and negative aspects of this misunderstood plant.

Research also shows that taking a 28-day break will allow all traces of THC to leave your system. During this time, your cognitive abilities will improve and return to their usual selves.

How Does Weed Affect Your Memory?

Why does smoking weed make it harder to learn?

To understand the relationship between marijuana and your memories, you need to know how the latter works.

Our brains have one neurotransmitter responsible for all types of memories and is regulated by your acetylcholine levels. It’s responsible for verbal, short, and long-term recollections, as well as a few other bodily functions like your heart rate.

Your brain creates an enzyme to keep optimal levels of acetylcholine and maintain your ability to withhold information. THC prevents the formation of these essential enzymes, impairing your ability to remember things.

While there are various social consequences of marijuana, the only effect it has on academics is a reduction in short-term memory. Other brain faculties such as your speech and long-term recollection aren’t negatively impacted at all.

What’s more, these repercussions are only present while under the influence of weed. Once the THC is out of your system, your memory will return to its regular behavior.

Is CBD the Answer?

How does marijuana affect learning if you take out the THC component?

Many studies have found that CBD counteracts the effects of this famous psychoactive compound. It’s able to decrease anxiety levels brought on by potent strains while still keeping you calm and comfortable. 

Most importantly, tests reveal that CBD can immediately reverse the impact THC has on your short-term memory.

What’s more, the combination of CBD and THC can actually improve your acetylcholine levels. 

So, what’s the best solution if you’re looking for some assistance with your studying?

Most people who feel anxious while studying should instead opt for a strain with little to no THC.

Cannabis cultivars like Charlotte’s Web are perfect for calming your nerves without triggering psychoactive effects that hinder your memory.

When choosing an appropriate weed strain for studying, only pick options that have between 0–5% THC. It’s also vital that your marijuana selection contains an equal, if not higher percentage, of CBD.

There are tons of cultivars for sale in the US that meet these requirements, all offering unique flavors and fragrances. They allow you to enter a state of mental and physical relaxation without any extreme cerebral effects.

Moderation Is Key

So, does smoking weed affect studying?

Consuming cannabis with high THC levels while trying to learn will make withholding information very difficult. It can also make it hard for you to give tasks your full, undivided attention.

Like all good things in life, too much of something can overshadow its positives. 

The trick with cannabis is knowing when to enjoy it. It also helps to consume a weed strain that pairs with your daily tasks.

If you believe marijuana helps you learn for a test, it’s best to consume strains with high CBD. That way, you’re able to counteract the negative impacts that THC has on your short-term memory.

Head over to a trusted online dispensary and check out some of the amazing CBD strain seeds for sale.

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