Can machine-ground coffee taste better than hand-ground coffee

A cup of coffee is always a ‘yes’ when asked for. It can help you get through a rough day and make you feel instantly better if, of course, you are a coffee-lover. Having the right amount of coffee powder and the quality of the same matters a lot, too! Being a coffee-lover, if you don’t get the right taste of your favorite beverage when you need it the most, it will definitely add up to your already messed day and make even your morning coffee bitter. 

Does A Hand-Ground Coffee Taste Different Than A Machine-Ground One?

Machine-ground coffee definitely tastes different from a hand-ground one because of the variation in the consistency in brewing in an espresso grinder

Different types of coffee grinders provide you with different mechanisms of operation. Beginning with blade grinders and manual grinders to burr grinders, the coffee taste gets affected to some extent for sure. Now, if the question arises that which one tastes BETTER— machine-ground coffee or hand-ground one, then the answers will vary quite a lot based on the preferences of the population.

Why Does Machine-Ground Coffee Taste Different Than Hand-Ground Coffee?

It is a proven fact that the two different coffees do taste different. The public tends to have a general opinion about machine-ground coffees tasting better than the hand-ground ones; some find it to be the exact opposite.

The difference can be felt, thanks to the consistency of grinding or brewing of the coffee matter. Machine-ground coffee, as can be made from a burr-grinder, provides evenly-sized particles of coffee that help in lessening your work. Also, the fine consistency adds up to the taste of the final version of the coffee. When talking about machine-ground coffee in a burr grinder (say), the sharp blades help in cutting the stones called ‘burrs’ which help in grinding the coffee to a better size.

Also, some sections of society claim that hand-ground coffee tastes better because they do not heat the coffee beans while being ground. Whereas, on the other hand, in machine grinders, the coffee beans tend to get heated up because of the grinding at a higher speed and the friction affects the temperature of coffee to rise for some moment. 

Thus, as we said earlier, the opinions can largely vary but we’ve got our answer that they VARY in taste, for sure.

Why Does The Grind Size Count As A Factor In Determining The Taste?

After reading the above lines, you might be surely wondering why does the grind size even matter at all? Well, here’s the answer to it.

We all can agree that not all espresso grinders grind are the same. Based on the method of brewing the coffee that you use, you will find the necessity to grind through a range of being extra-coarse to being extra-fine, to make your and your loved ones’ coffee taste just as you desire. 

Every process has a few regulations or rather, tips, to make the best out of the task you are doing and so does brewing a coffee. Well, it is a known fact that the longer you let the water stay in contact with the coffee beans, the coarser they will turn into.

Also, using the right grind size will help you in preventing your coffee to turn bitter or over-extracted, or even under-extracted. Now, you’ll have to explore a wide range of coffee to know which one suits you better and turns out to be your favorite, as different types demand different quality and hence, different grinding.

Hand-Ground Coffee Grinders Vs. Machine-Ground Coffee Grinders: A Comparison

1. Taste

As already mentioned priorly, hand-ground coffee and machine-ground coffee’s taste is a highly subjective matter to be discussed, as the taste specificity varies from individual to individual.

2. Cost

Well, if you want to save up on your money and are looking for a cost-effective espresso grinder, we would suggest you definitely go for a manual grinder, ie. a hand-ground coffee grinder. It will serve you as a boon in ways you can’t imagine at the moment. But, if you are up for some good investment in coffee grinders, you can give machine-ground coffee grinders, like burr grinders, a shot.

3. Durability

It is a known fact that manual hand-ground espresso grinders are more durable than mechanical ones. Manual grinders tend to outshine the machine grinders and give a huge profit to the purchaser. 

4. Time Consumption

Well, when it comes to the amount of time consumed, the machine-ground espresso grinders turn out to be more effective than the hand-ground ones. 

5. Effect On Surrounding When Used

The manual or hand-ground espresso grinders produce a less or almost negligible amount of noise because the grinding of the bean takes time and isn’t much rapid. On the other hand, the machine-ground espresso grinders give out a disturbing noise that can break concentration at work or disturb minds. 

6. Consumption Of Electricity

It is quite obvious for hand-ground espresso grinders to consume no electricity at all and can be classified as a portable one while traveling to some place, which doesn’t work in the case of the machine-ground espresso grinders.

Not everyone can suit or rather, find hand grinders to be as useful as it is, in real life. If a real-life situation is assumed where a large amount of coffee needs to be prepared, one would go for a machine-ground espresso grinder than the manual one, without a doubt.


Thus, to be summarised in a conclusion, it is definite that the coffee prepared by the two methods varies in taste for sure and several other factors do come into play when analyzed on a careful note. Thus, the usage of either of the two is completely one’s personal opinion and is bound to be different for different individuals. Since it’s a matter of coffee, after all, you can definitely give both of the types a try and decide on this matter by yourself too!  

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