Net Worth

Net Worth of Poker Pro Dan Bilzerian

ESTIMATED VALUE 130Million Euros
Date of birth 7 December 1980 (age 40)
Born in Tampa, Florida, USA
Nationality United States
Job Poker player, entrepreneur, model, actor

How much money does Dan Bilzerian have?

Dan Bilzerian was able to make a name for himself above all on Instagram, where the self-proclaimed playboy and bon vivant likes to show himself off with many beautiful women and in all his wealth. Yet his wealth did not grow on Dan’s crap. Because he was very fortunate to be born the son of wealthy parents. Although Dan now earns money in poker tournaments and sometimes at smaller gigs as an actor, Dan Bilzerian was still unable to make most of his fortune on his own. The American, who likes to show what he has, was able to take in 9 million euros last year, which he also spends with full hands. Dan Bilzerian’s net worth is currently estimated at 130 million euros.

Playboy has already taken care of one or the other headline. His alleged presidential election campaign, for example, which then resulted in no more than one party, is unforgettable. If you want to see how the top 1 per cent live, you can see a lot of topless women on Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram account, who admire the fortune of the poker professional or marvel at him in a pose next to a lion. But the gun lover also likes to show himself off with an assault rifle. In any case, this variety of blatant pictures has ensured that the bon vivant can look forward to a good 12 million followers on Instagram and has become a real internet star there who also likes to provoke.

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Dan Bilzerian’s not entirely clean fortune.

It remains to be seen whether Dan Bilzerian suffers from a healthy dose of megalomania. Because although he owes a lot to his father, Dan repeatedly portrays himself as a successful entrepreneur – perhaps even more successful than he is. At least he likes to compare himself to the wealthiest people in the world. For example, in 2014 he announced that he was like Bill Gates, having won 45 million euros playing poker. However, Bilzerian did not mean that Bill Gates was a poker player himself. Instead, his statement should be interpreted in such a way that Dan likes to view poker as a business. Poker winnings in the order of 45 million euros only very few players can secure themselves, so that the American sees himself climbing into the class of Bill Gates, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. However, critics also dare to doubt whether his winnings at poker could have been that high.

Many observers had also suspected that in the Bilzerian family, not everything always turns outright. So if you look at the financial cushion that the bon vivant can fall back on in an emergency, this is precisely the money that should come from the dirty machinations of his father, Paul Bilzeriancome. Suppose you take a closer look at the public documents on the father’s companies. In that case, it quickly becomes clear that the Bilzerians have established a whole network of companies to have to pay as little or no taxes as possible in a semi-legal way. The Instagram star, for example, still benefits from funds that his father set up for him in the 1990s. Suppose you consider that Paul Bilzerian had debts in the tens of millions at the time. In that case, it is all the more astonishing that he was able to smuggle so much money past the US financial authorities in the interests of his son.

Dan Bilzerian’s house is for sale.

Dan Bilzerian sells his “Bilzerian Estate”, as he calls his “love villa”. The 375 square meter property in Las Vegas is currently for sale for $ 5.2 million. He said it was just too small for him with only five bedrooms and nine bathrooms, so he would like to move to a larger property in Las Vegas.

The life of a slightly crazy, eccentric playboy

Up to now, Dan Bilzerian has been able to lead a fascinating life, which is not only due to his immense wealth. Because the American was already a member of the Navy Seals and completed one of the most challenging special military training courses in the world, the fact that he was never able to complete the training program is another matter entirely. Because there was an argument with a trainer so that Dan had to say goodbye to the Seals, his muscle mountains have remained, so that the poker pro is still more reminiscent of a football player in stature.

A steely body paired with the fortune of Dan Bilzerian has also meant that the Playboy, especially his scantily clad playmates, is practically at his feet. His supporting roles on the big screen have his image certainly does not hurt, even if you look very very well need to Dan in films like “Olympus Has Fallen,” “The Other Woman,” “Lone Survivor” or “Equalizer” discover and not to miss its relatively short scenes. Such an exciting life with a lot of alcohol and at least as much gambling also has its price. Dan Bilzerian has already had three heart attacks at such a young age, which is what Playboy but does not prevent you from repeatedly jeopardizing your health through an unhealthy lifestyle. So the “King of Instagram” cannot take away the fun of life. The fact that Dan Bilzerian explicitly granted Donald Trump his support in the current election campaign for the post of US President also fits in with the image of the gun and women-loving playboy.


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