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Daniel Ricciardo Net Worth and Salary

How rich is Daniel Ricciardo?

The Perth-born Australian Daniel Ricciardo is still one of the rookies of the premier class with just three years of Formula 1 experience, but has already cracked the million mark in terms of salary and currently earns 18 million euros with his current Renault F1 Racing team. With that he cannot keep up with the “big” racing drivers like Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel on the Formula 1 payroll, but it is the best way to get there. The estimated net worth of Danny Ricciardo According to our estimates, it currently amounts to around 45 million euros, and the trend is rising.

His career

Daniel Ricciardo net worth
Like most other Formula 1 drivers, Daniel Ricciardo started his career in Kartingwhere he was able to convince right from the start at the age of nine that a door to the Australian Formula Ford was open to the sixteen-year-old after only seven years in karting. There he did not convince with podium positions, but certainly because he was eighth in the overall classification with a technically outdated, fifteen-year-old racing car. Even a two year newer vehicle, which he leased, was unable to bring about any changes due to the old and, above all, outdated technology, so that Ricciardo was unable to achieve good placements.

The following year, however, should bring him a turning point than his talent from the Asian Formula BMW has been discovered. Because even if he previously drove in outdated and outdated racing cars, it was recognized that he was doing a good job in the not exactly easy to drive cars. With the new technology in Formula BMW, he was also successful, which meant he was third in the overall standings that season and was able to record two wins and a pole.

The years in Formula Renault

Daniel Ricciardo salary
Above all, it was his successful time at Formula BMW that ultimately opened another door to Formula Renault for him. Since BMW no longer has its own Formula 1 team, the numerous and regional Formula BMWs no longer act as a direct stepping stone into the premier class. With Formula Renault or Formula Renault 3.5, however, things are different despite GP2, in which Ricciardo never drove.

In 2007, the Australian drove for two years in the Formula Renault in which the Finn Valtteri Bottas was racing, against which Ricciardo had lost the European Championship in 2008 and which has now also made the leap into the premier class of motorsport. In the same year he also drove for Formula 3 up to and including 2009 and a year later for Formula Renault 3.5, which finally paved his way into Formula 1. His rivals in both classes, in which he primarily demonstrated his speed and consistency, were, among others, Marcus Ericsson and Jean-Eric Vergne – both drivers who also made it into the premier class.

In addition to his time at Scuderia Toro Rosso (STR) and RBR, this season should be one of his most successful seasons, in which he took ten poles, won six races and finished second in the overall standings. Despite these successes, according to his own estimates, his salary will not even have come close to reaching 100,000 euros.

The time in Formula 1

RBR became aware of Ricciardo through the Formula Renault 3.5, which is closely interwoven with Red Bull, and initially hired him as Test driver for RBR and STR. Since all the cockpits were occupied at that time, the young Australian was placed with the Spanish HRT team and the team paid for Ricciardo to gain racing experience.

Daniel Ricciardo net worth
Although the HRT was never a competitive racing car, the F1 rookie proved once again that he was an efficient driver even in difficult vehicles and that he could get the most out of them. In the following year, the Scuderia had the opportunity to bring Ricciardo on board as a regular driver, initially only taking him under contract for one year Annual earnings of at least € 400,000. This corresponded to a daily earnings of approx. 1,096 euros. The not exactly small merit for a Formula 1 freshman proves that you place great trust and at the same time great hopes in him.

But even the Toro Rosso was anything but competitive, so the youngster was only able to get 10 points in the first season, but at least double that number in the second season, as his contract had been extended for 2013.

Red Bull Racing era

Although Kimi Räikkönen was discussed as Sebastian Vettel’s team-mate for many months, the RBR finally decided to include the newcomer, the young talent Ricciardo, who had been built up at SRT, into their own team. After all, SRT was created precisely for this purpose, namely to enable young talents to experience racing in the premier class and then bring them to RBR.

At RedBull, the fast Australian not only got his first victory in Formula 1, but also the million mark in terms of things Merit cracked since he was in his first season in 2014 at RBR 2.5 million euros per year earned. It was obvious that the then F1 rookie had everything a future world champion needs and so Red Bull Big Boss Dietrich Mateschitz was completely convinced of the new star. Most recently, the young Dutchman Max Verstappen drove at his side at RBR.


For the 2019 season, Ricciardo RedBull left for Renault F1 Racing and received a new top salary of 18 million euros. At Nico Hulkenberg’s side, the start of the first Renault season with 9th overall was rather unfortunate. But Renault wants to attack vigorously in the coming years. He has been driving alongside team-mate Esteban Ocon since the 2020 season.

Ricciardo’s Wealth and Value: An Outlook

About his meanwhile grown assets is little known, but based on our own conservative estimates it is currently around 45 million euros and will have grown significantly again after the end of the season, since the 18 million euros Annual earnings does not contain bonus payments. In concrete terms, this means for Ricciardo that he has one for every podium and above all for every victory Bonus payment which means that he could increase his basic salary again by the end of the year.

Mark Webber, who drove for RBR for seven years, has it to one, according to various sources Fortune of about $ 40 million so that it is likely that the much more successful Ricciardo will easily surpass this figure by the end of his Formula 1 career.

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