Does Red Light Therapy Work Through Clothes?

So, does red light therapy work through your clothes? And how do these red light therapy devices work and benefit you?

Well, the answer a yes, and also a no! Red Light therapy doesn’t get through clothes or bandages because the eye can see it. However, infrared light isn’t visible, but it can still easily get through clothes and dressings.

So, through this blog post, our experts will discuss how light therapy works and benefits you to get different ways. Therefore, read till the end to grasp some essential information regarding this revolutionary therapy.

How Red Light Therapy Works?

Several researchers believe red light therapy works by generating a metabolic process inside cells that powers mitochondria. All the energy of the cells is generated from this cell’s powerhouse.

Using RLT (red light therapy) regularly increases mitochondrial function. So the cells can produce more ATP.

Even this extra increase in energy would be enough to heal your damaged cells. And unlike laser therapy, RLT therapy does not cause skin damage or pain.

However, while red light therapy is effective for many illnesses, it is not a universal solution. Also, you should only use good quality therapy devices like Biomax red light therapy.

A few treatments that red light therapy is guaranteed to help include:

  • SAD
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Acne
  • Neck and back pain

RLT can help with some of these issues. However, you should still consult with your doctor before taking these sessions, as your doctor knows the best kind of red light therapy devices according to your condition.

Risks of Red Light Therapy

RLT doesn’t have any severe effects. However, there is still a chance of encountering difficulties during these sessions. Here are some of them:

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Agitation

While not everyone experiences these issues, yet if you do, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor for a better solution.

Uses of Red Light Therapy

Studies have proven that red light therapy works. Red light treatment has been discovered to have several benefits for users.

Here are some of the uses of RLT:

  • It promotes hair growth.
  • Reduces psoriasis lesions
  • Skincare and wrinkle reduction
  • Reduces cancer’s side effects
  • Tissue and cell repair
  • Reduces scarring
  • Repairs sun damage

Red Light Therapy Advantages

Heals Burns

  • According to research, light therapy has increased the development of new tissue and reduced inflammation.
  • Another study discovered that RLT helped form blood vessels and fibroblasts.
  • A recent study discovered that red light could help speed up the overall healing process. Red light also decreases inflammation and increases natural collagen formation.

Heals Wounds

  • Red light therapy has been shown to speed up wound healing and post-operative recovery.
  • RLT can also reduce pain and speed up healing.
  • Experts advise patients to use red light treatment to speed up healing, especially after cuts and wounds.

Acne Scars

  • Doctors recommend that light therapy is one of the most effective therapy methods for fighting skin infections.
  • Further research shows that red, blue, and phototherapy play a vital role in skincare treatments with minimal side effects.

Relieves Parkinson’s

  • Toxins and oxygen depletion are treated with red light or infrared treatment.
  • This treatment helps generate energy and also optimizes chemical reactions.
  • It also protects dopamine-producing neurons and reduces cell damage. Moreover, this therapy also decreases tissue inflammation due to improved mitochondrial activity.
  • Light therapy affects many areas of neural activity since it targets the brain. Furthermore, light treatment has also been shown to boost cognitive and emotional performance.


  • Initial studies focused on using light therapy to treat SAD, but researchers discovered it might also be used for other conditions as well.
  • Full-body light therapy is now known to cure depression and insomnia.
  • Experts say that to get the best use of this therapy method, you need to be consistent. So, we always recommend that you consult with your therapist before proceeding with this therapy to get better results.

Treats Arthritis Pain

  • Light treatment tackles the cellular roots of arthritis. Studies have shown that red light therapy may help enhance ATP.
  • Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) also gives the cell more energy, functions better, and repairs the damage.
  • So, regular use of RLT can help to improve circulation and lessen arthritis pain by increasing blood flow to tissues and nerves.

Bottom Line

A light therapy device does not require a doctor’s prescription. However, taking their recommendation will allow you to get the best device according to your need. Moreover, they will also advise you on the proper ways to use it.

After you get the device, you should also ask them about the schedule and timing of use.

So, before you get a light therapy device, you need to make sure that the device you get is authentic. Therefore, always take the device from a trusted source.

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