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Elton: The fortune of the German moderator

How much money does Elton have?

Elton is now one of the entertainment veterans in Germany. The former Raab intern has had a steep career that has given him a proud fortune. Most fans will probably be able to imagine that “Elton” is actually just a stage name. This is in fact due to the resemblance to the world-famous singer Elton John. In truth, however, Elton’s name is Alexander Duszat. The cherished Elton’s net worth is 4 million euros.

Elton’s real name is Alexander Duszat

Elton's salary
It wasn’t Stefan Raab who gave his TV colleague this nickname and artist name. He already held this position during his time at the regional television station Hamburg 1. The fact that Alexander Duszat knows something of his craft is not only due to his talent as a joke maker. In fact, after graduating from high school, he also trained as a television and radio technician. He is familiar with TV as a matter of course in several ways. His career then started with an internship at the sports and music department of delta radio in Kiel. This was followed by his traineeship at Hamburg 1.

There he was able to make a notable appearance for the first time with the TV series “Elton Street”. Nonetheless, it was mostly his Role as a show intern in the ProSieben production “TV total”, who made Elton a real star in this country. After all, from February 2001 to December 2015, when the show was discontinued, Alexander Duszat was seen in this role. The sidekick of the well-known German comedy star Stefan Raab initially moderated only a few independent contributions. The fact that Raab has retired has certainly opened up new rooms for Alexander Duszat.

The moderator really takes off

Income from Elton
His TV total fans are still loyal to the presenter and entertainer today. Elton has long since gained many small fans. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the father of two now hosts the children’s game show “1, 2 or 3”. He was allowed to take over this job from October 2010. Since then he has replaced Daniel Fischer at ZDF. Also his career at ProSieben, where, among other things, he “Elton is gambling“Moderated, so far has no end. He has also been featured regularly in Das Erste since June 2015. There he leads a quiz team in Kai Pflaume’s show “Who knows something like that?”

In April 2016 Elton also has the Moderation of the program “Schlag den Star” took over on his home broadcaster ProSieben. The German star also moderated the offshoot of this program, “Schlag den Henssler”, eight times from September 2017 to September 2018. “Elton vs. Simon – the Liveshow” was no less popular with the fans. In addition to his numerous TV show appearances, the entertainer has also been seen in a number of television series, such as “Das Büro,” “Rent a Pocher” and “Die Märchenstunde – Tischlein deck dich,”.

From “The Dome” to “Bettors that …?” Elton has already taken on a lot of top-class moderations. So also in 2018 with “Our Song for Lisbon”. Two music singles together with Peilomat, a book and lots of roles as dubbing actors are also on his hat, so that all fans can expect lots of great entertainment from the presenter and entertainer in the future.

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