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Felix Lobrecht: Net worth and earnings of the comedian

How much money does Felix Lobrecht have?

Felix Lobrecht is currently one of the hottest comedians in Germany. He has received several awards for his live shows. Many of his fans also know him from the podcast Mixed hackthat he has been doing with Tommi Schmitt since 2017. Lobrecht is also successful as a book author: his novel, published in 2017 Sun and concrete hits theaters in 2021. The cherished Felix Lobrecht’s fortune is 1.5 million euros.

Merit of Felix Lobrecht

Income from Felix Lobrecht
Felix Lobrecht’s most important sources of income are his appearances as a comedian, the podcast Mixed hackthat he publishes every week with Tommi Schmitt, and fees that he receives for TV appearances. It is estimated that praise deserves with one Live show, attended by 3,000 paying viewers, around 40,000 euros. With around 500,000 streams, the Mixed hack can produce per episode, Lobrecht and Schmitt earn around 12,000 euros a month. In addition to the sales of the two books that Lobrecht has published so far, he has also made money by obtaining the film rights for his novel Sun and concrete has sold. Most likely, he’ll also get a share of the box office revenue. This is how the comedian continues to expand his fortune.

Career start at poetry slams

Felix Lobrecht was born in Münster. When he was four years old, his mother died and he moved to Berlin with his father and two younger siblings. There he attended a grammar school from 2001, but was expelled from school two years later for inappropriate behavior. He then switched to a comprehensive school, where he graduated from secondary school in 2005. He then earned his money with various jobs, including in a gym. In order to develop professionally, Lobrecht is doing his Abitur in 2008 and began studying political science in Marburg. In order to earn the rent for his flat share, he took part in poetry slams, in which he presented comedy texts that he had written himself.

Stand-up comedian and book author

Merit of Felix Lobrecht
Felix Lobrecht soon made his first appearances as a stand-up comedian and was among other things in the TV show NightWash to see. He also published the book with the poetry slammer Malte Rosskopf in 2015 10 mins? That’s 20 marks!. From February In 2016 Lobrecht went with his first stage program Know ick on tour. An appearance in Berlin was recorded and later broadcast on RTL.

In March 2017 appeared with Sun and concrete the debut novel by Felix Lobrecht, which quickly became a bestseller. In addition, the audio book read by the author himself won the vote for the WDR Audience Award – My Audiobook 2019. The autobiographical story about four young people in Berlin is even to be filmed in 2021, with Lobrecht writing the script together with director David Wnendt. The new comedy special is currently on Netflix Felix Lobrecht: Hype to see.

Known and excellent as a podcaster

In September 2017, Felix Lobrecht and comedy writer Tommi Schmitt published the first episode of the podcast Mixed hack. Since then, a new episode has appeared every week in the format that is one of the most popular podcasts in Germany. Since September 2019 will Mixed hack Streamed exclusively on Spotify. Lobrecht and Schmitt have already won several awards for the podcast, including the audience award at the German Podcast Prize 2020. They were also honored as the best comedy podcasters at the German Comedy Prize 2020 and won the comedy crown at the 1 Live Krone 2020.

At the German Comedy Prize 2020, Felix Lobrecht was also named best comedian. He had already won the trophy for best newcomer in 2018. The comedy crown was not his first either, in 2019 he had already received one for his stand-up appearances.

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