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Friedrich Merz: The fortune of the politician

How rich is Friedrich Merz?

Friedrich Merz himself admitted in the press that he around 1 million euros gross per year deserved. So it should finally be clear that this politician is one of the big earners in this country. That Friedrich Merz still does not feel that he belongs to the upper class is all the more astonishing. Incidentally, the father of three has long since made his fortune not only as a politician, but also as a lobbyist. He sits on the board of directors of a number of companies and acts as an advisor to the law firm Mayer Brown. Even if the lawyer collects five to six-figure sums annually from various companies, Merz himself points out that he was not born a millionaire. The cherished Friedrich Merz’s assets are 12 million euros.

Friedrich Merz is a millionaire

Credit to Friedrich Merz
When he married his wife, Merz was still in the middle of his studies. The first common child saw the light of day at this time. Back then, the small family had to turn over every mark twice. His income as a trainee lawyer was also rather manageable for a family of four. But those times are over now and Friedrich Merz should have amassed an eight-figure fortune by now. The fact that politicians continue to place themselves in the middle of society is primarily attributed to their values.

His parents exemplified values ​​such as respect, discipline, diligence and decencywhich are widespread in the middle class. For Merz, belonging to the upper class or the upper class means having inherited a company or a lot of money and being able to enjoy your own life with this fortune. Friedrich Merz may be rich, but for this man it is important to focus more on his own performance, which has given him this fortune.

Excerpts from the career

Income from Friedrich Merz

His The future professional politician celebrated his start with the CDU very early on. Born in the Sauerland, he joined the party in 1972 while still at high school. Merz spent a large part of his free time with the Junge Union in his hometown of Brilon, which he was able to secure as chairman in 1980. Friedrich Merz was a member of the European Parliament between 1989 and 1994. This was followed by his time at the German Bundestag, where the CDU politician was a member until 2009. He was a possible successor to the CDU party chairmanship after Angela Merkel, but Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer made the race as the new CDU leader. In January 2021 he failed because of Chancellor candidate Armin Laschet and in the election in December 2021 he was finally elected CDU boss in the third attempt.

The politician did not take up his work in the economy and as a consultant to various corporations until after his time with the Bundestag. From 2002 to 2004 he worked as a lawyer at a Cologne law firm. In the Law firm Mayer Brown LLP was Merz’s partner until 2014, while he is now working as Senior Counsel for said law firm.

Activity as a board member & charity

Whether at AXA Group AG, Borussia Dortmund Geschäftsführungs-GmbH or Commerzbank AG, the politician already had his fingers in the game on the supervisory boards of these companies. From 2016 to 2020 he was also a lobbyist and chairman of the supervisory board for the German offshoot of the world’s largest asset manager BlackRock (CEO Laurence Fink). In the course of his career, this has certainly resulted in him being accused of possible conflicts of interest in the press. As a result, he will leave his post at the end of March 2020 in order to be able to concentrate fully on politics again. Nonetheless, the socio-political commitment of this man should be emphasized at the end. After all, it has The Merz couple set up their own foundation. This supports various non-profit projects in the field of education with financial means.

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