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Harry Styles: Singer Net Worth

How rich is Harry Styles?

From the casting show winner to the swarm of girls in a boy band and now a solo star – that is the brief biography of Harry Styles. The Brit with the untamed mane has been celebrating one success after another since 2010: as a singer, songwriter and actor. His dates have a few things in common: They are beautiful, rich and famous themselves (Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner or Kimberly Stewart, for example). Harry’s clothing style sometimes takes a bit of getting used to, from women’s clothes to suits, which are strongly reminiscent of Ikea bed linen, everything is represented. The cherished Harry Styles’ net worth is 65 million euros.

Great success with one direction

Harry Styles Income
Harry Styles’ soaring began in 2010 when he was on the talent show The X-Factor participated. He previously gained musical experience in a local band called White Eskimo. His role models were Elvis Presley and bands like Coldplay or Kings of Leon. It was thanks to Simon Cowell’s skilful marketing machinery that five actually worked as solo artists The X-Factor queuing boys revived the boy band era. one direction was born, screaming girls, sold out tours and paparazzi on every corner included. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson partied with their band one direction huge musical successes.

On September 11 2011 came out as the first single What makes you beautiful on the market. It immediately jumped to number one on the charts in Great Britain and Ireland. The debut album Up all night followed in November 2011 and even reached the top of the chart in the USA.

Image change to bad boy

The good boy band image did not give Styles long pleasure: The curls had to be removed, the first tattoos were done and his clothing style became more and more extravagant. Harry Styles co-published until 2015 one direction four other extremely successful albums. The band collected seven BRIT Awards, seven American Music Awards, six Billboard Music Awards and four MTV Video Music Awards on their road to success. As a member of one direction Harry Styles already built a good fortune.

In 2015 Zayn Malik was the first to leave one direction, in August the rest of the band announced a one-year hiatus. To date, however, no reunion has taken place. Harry Styles plunged into his solo career and launched his own record label Erskine Records in May 2016. In June he signed a recording contract as a solo artist with Columbia Records. He continued surfing the wave of success, his published in April 2017 single Sign of the times immediately reached the top of the British chart.

All-rounder Harry Styles: singer, songwriter, actor

Harry Styles fortune
As expected, his debut solo album, which bears his name, also received positive reviews. Americans especially love the music of Styles. The next album in 2019 Fine line landed at number one on the US charts. With this Album, he also broke the record for the best-selling debut by a British artist in the United States.

But it is not just the income from tours and record sales that grows Harry Styles’ account: As a songwriter, he not only has a lot of songs for one direction written by myself, rather is also behind the songs of stars like Ariana Grande (Just a little bit of your heart) or Michael Bublé (Someday). In 2017, he trumped hundreds of other candidates for a role in Christopher Nolan’s war film Dunkirk.

Merit from Harry Styles

Already as a band member of one direction Harry Styles made a handsome fortune. During his solo career, Harry Styles also has a Generated gross assets of around 55 million euros. With his tours he was able to raise around 24 million euros, with the record sales of his debut album he earned almost 4 million euros. He earned a good 27 million euros with his own record company. In addition, there is the income as a songwriter. So things are going really well for the smart Brit!

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