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Horst Lichter: fortune of the TV chef

How much money does Horst Lichter have?

Horst Lichter is an all-rounder: as a cook, presenter, actor and book author, he is known to many. He is successful and leads a great life – but on the way there he also suffered many blows of fate. He and his wife at the time lost a daughter to sudden infant death syndrome when he was just 6 months old. At the age of 26, Horst Lichter suffered his first stroke. At 28, the second followed, along with a heart attack. Nevertheless, he successfully fought his way back to life and made his dreams come true. The cherished Horst Lichter’s assets amount to 4.5 million euros.

Remain human or cook

Income from Horst Lichter
Horst Lichter, who was born on January 15th, 1962 in Nettesheim, had a dream job: cook. After the end of the apprenticeship, however, the dream job had completely lost its magic, it was surrounded by alcoholics and cholerics. He hung up his apron and worked in the coal mine from then on. It was followed by a wedding, house building and a child. When another child was born, Horst Lichter took a part-time job in the junkyard in order to make ends meet financially.

Overwork and lack of sleep took their toll, Lichter suffered two strokes and a heart attack at age 26 and 28, respectively, and spent a long time in a rehab clinic. At first he was paralyzed on one side. When he recovered, he decided to change his life and to dedicate something that really gave him joy: classic cars and still cooking.

Opening of the Oldiethek 1990

A former dance hall turned out to be a suitable object for Horst Lichter’s plans. Classic cars, motorcycles and antiques have always been part of his passion. What he accumulated became in the Oldiethek issued. With this he combined his second passion, cooking. At first there was only small dishes, but soon left Horst Lichter decided to cook for his guests himself on a Flemish coal stove. the Oldiethek achieved cult status, the waiting time for a table was finally a year.

When Horst Lichter was no longer able to cook regularly due to other obligations, the cult restaurant went downhill just as quickly. His relationship with the second wife broke up, she had previously taken care of the bookkeeping. Now the popular cook found that he One million euros in debt. His current and third wife Nada helped him out of this misery, who helped him out with her savings to pay off the debts. In 2010 the heart project of Horst Lichter closed its doors because he could only cook irregularly in the oldie shop due to his other activities on television etc.

Horst Lichter and television

Assets of Horst Lichter
The first contact arose with the WDR when it made a contribution about the former Oldiethek brought. Soon he was a regular guest in Johannes B. Kerner’s cooking show on Friday, as well as Lanz is cooking on ZDF. In 2011 he acted as a vacation replacement for Steffen Henssler at the show Pot hunter on ZDF. With his partner Johann Lafer he led von 2006 to 2017 through the broadcast Lafer! Lights! Yummy! Also Germany’s largest grill show was successfully moderated by Horst Lichter. There were many other engagements in the television cooking world.

But the love of antiques, kitsch and junk is not neglected on television either, because Horst Lichter has been moderating since 2013 Cash for rares. This show mediates between sellers and dealers of curiosities, treasures, rarities … His daily fee is up to 10,000 euros for cooking shows. In addition, there is income from the sales of his ten books, as well as various own products (Maggi bag soups, Vauen pipes and tobacco). In addition, Horst Lichter has an advertising contract with the Kaufland company and promotes their meat. With these sources of income, Lichter continues to expand its assets.

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