How is the sea of ​​marine decay?

The water has shades ranging from blue to green, and the sandy and shallow seabed slopes gently, allowing children to play quietly both in the water and near the shore. The beach of Cariati hosts several equipped bathing establishments, but there are also some stretches of free beach.

How is the sea in Cariati?

The main beauty of Cariati, however, remains the crystalline sea, an enchanting coast and an uncontaminated coastline, bordered by a dense Mediterranean scrub, which precedes the shoreline. While the clear and transparent blue-green sea laps a pebble and sand beach.

How are the beaches of Cirò Marina?

The sea is crystal clear and invites to long and unforgettable swims. This wide and long beach of golden sand, bordered by dunes covered with olive trees and Mediterranean scrub, is easily reached from Cirò Marina. The water is transparent, of an intense blue color.

What to see near Cariati Marina?

  • Cariati Historic Center. 197. …
  • Mamitas Beach. Beaches • Beach clubs and pool clubs.
  • Cathedral of St. Michael the Archangel. Churches and cathedrals.
  • Bretia Cariati Tomb. Ancient ruins.
  • Church of the Observants. Churches and cathedrals.
  • Church of the Holy Trinity in Cariati. Churches and cathedrals. …
  • Bar Leonardo. Bars and clubs. …
  • Porta Pia. Historical sites.

How many inhabitants is in Cariati Marina in the province of Cosenza?

50 m asl Cariati (Curiati in Byzantine Greek) is an Italian town of 7,708 inhabitants in the province of Cosenza in Calabria.

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How long is the Cariati seafront?


The beach does not seem to fear the impact, since it is a strip of sand more than 10 kilometers long. If you love walking or jogging on the beach this is the place for you.

How is the sea tomorrow in Cirò Marina?

Seas Bulletin Cirò Marina

Covered with rain showers, winds from E 14.6 knots, water temperature 20.8 ° C, wave height 2.7 m, rough sea.

Which sea bathes Cirò Marina?

The Ionian sea bathes the coast of Cirò Marina on three sides and this conformation offers about 10 km of beach of various types: sand, gravel, cliffs, etc. Cirò Marina has been awarded the “Blue Flag” for 15 years, an authoritative European recognition assigned by the Fee (Foundation for Environmental Education).

Where is Cirò Marina town located?

Cirò Marina is an Italian town of 14 269 inhabitants in the province of Crotone in Calabria. It rises on the Ionian coast of the upper Crotone area in the area of ​​the ancient Magna Graecia colony of Krimisa and until 1952 was part of the municipality of Cirò.

How to get to Cirò Marina from Naples?

The best way to get from Naples to Cirò Marina is to bus via Cariati which takes 5h 6m and costs € 30 – € 55. Alternatively, you can train, which costs € 30 – € 130 and takes 6h 27m.

What are the names of the inhabitants of Ciro?

? How are the inhabitants of the municipalities called?

The inhabitants of “Cirò Marina” are called “Ciromarinesi” and there are about 15,070. The town of Cirò Marina has an area of ​​42 km², is located in the province of Crotone (KR) in the Calabria region. The Patron Saint of Cirò Marina is San Cataldo, it is celebrated on 10 May.

How is the sea today?

Sea Bulletin [Meteomar]

On the west seas generally very rough; tense winds from northeastern quadrants, moderate winds. … On the Middle Adriatic seas generally almost calm or slightly wavy; light winds from the north-western quadrants, rotating to the northern quadrants.

What province is decayed?

Cariati is the third lowest municipality in the province of Cosenza by altitude of the point where the municipal house is located. The locality Cariati Marina can be indicated directly in a postal address. Search for towns with postcode 87062 and municipalities with prefix 0983.

What is there to see in Cirò Marina and surroundings?

Activities sorted based on Tripadvisor data, including reviews, ratings, photos, and popularity.
  1. Lilio Cirò Museum Historical museums. Temporarily closed.
  2. Carafa Castle. Castles.
  3. Norman tower. Historical sites.
  4. Church of Santa Maria de Plateis. Churches and cathedrals.
  5. Santa Venere Vineyards and Cellar. Cellars and vineyards.

In which province is Cirò Marina?

Cirò Marina is the lowest town in Calabria by altitude of the point where the town hall is located and it is also the town with the highest population density in the province of Crotone. Search for towns with postcode 88811 and municipalities with prefix 0962.

Where is Crotone located?

The city is located on the eastern side of Calabria, overlooking the Ionian Sea at the mouth of the Esaro river, and the municipal territory is part of the Authority of the interregional basin of the Esaro river. The municipality has an area of ​​182 km² and the capital is located at 8 m asl

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