How Technology Can Assist You in Running a School set-up Successfully?


Technology is a great tool that can help improve the excellence of schools when tapped maximally. Technological tools can greatly benefit learners, teachers, management, and parents. At this technological dispensation, schools cannot stand out without leveraging technology, and it is an aspect that schools must invest their maximum resources and energies in.

Successful running of the school is not a walk in the park. Every school stakeholder demands excellence in all aspects of school running: management, administration, coordination, collaboration and partnerships, academic performance, operation, supervision, regulation, and public imaging. More so, the parents would not settle at anything else but the best outcomes for their children in every aspect of holistic growth and development.

How to run a school successfully

Establish a High Level of Stakeholders Engagement: There is a need to have a high level of collaboration and teamwork among all stakeholders involved in the school’s running together with other partners. The school needs to create engagement criteria that ensure that parents, teachers, administrators, learners, and other partners such as the government and non-state actors work hand in hand for the successful running of the school.

Institutionalize a Positive School Culture: the school should thrive on cultivating unique and positive values that it stands for and is known for as part of its distinctive identity. The school should be a standout center of excellence, discipline, morals, inclusivity, transparency, diversity, and integrity. The school should also mold learners who embrace and evangelize hard work, obedience, teamwork, nationalism, and integrity.

Have Transformative Leadership: Effective leadership is the center of a successful school. It is the engine of all dimensions of success. It is the leadership that sets the vision for the school.

Operationalize Continuous and Consistent Assessment and Evaluation: School needs to develop a systemic framework in which it assesses and evaluates its learners, teachers’ performance, management performance, and school performance. The process should not be spontaneous but a well-planned and well-coordinated approach for consistency and long-term progress and projections.

Invest in Holistic Growth: School should not just focus on academic performance but also emphasize and focus on other aspects such as spiritual growth, mental and psychosocial support, morals, emotional intelligence, lifelong learning, and life-skill development.

How Technology Can Assist You in Running a School set-up Successfully?

Establish a High Level of Stakeholders Engagement: Successful school running requires a high level of engagement between stakeholders who need to coordinate, collaborate, and work harmoniously as a team. The teachers, learners, school administrators, government representatives, non-state actors, the community, and parents need to work as a family with the sole goal of school success.

This web of stakeholders’ engagement can invest in technology to facilitate continual engagement and consultations. The school can use text messages to reach the parents quickly. The school management can leverage virtual communication tools to run the school effectively. For instance, they can have a WhatsApp group to facilitate information and team meetings. They can also use technological tools such as email and websites to connect with stakeholders.

Institutionalize a Positive School Culture: Positive school culture is key for school success. A school can stand out as the center of excellence by using technological tools such as websites, school apps, and TV adverts to build its brand for a broader public audience.

A school can also thrive on supporting its day-to-day programs and operations with technology. A school can live-stream its events such as Prize-giving day through social media platforms. The school can also have stable and professionalized social media outlets such as Facebook to connect effectively.

Have Transformative Leadership: School leadership is the pacesetter for the school’s progress. The leadership can decide to bring in several technological transformations in school. For instance, the leadership can introduce online and digital programs to enhance learning.

The leadership can embrace technology in running its affairs. For instance, school leadership can meet regularly to fast-track school performance. Instead of traveling and convening face-to-face meetings, they can use digital tools such as Skype, Google Meet, and Hangouts to hold virtual meetings.

Operationalize Continuous and Consistent Assessment and Evaluation: The school can use digital education platforms to integrate in-person assessment and evaluation mechanisms. They can sign up for Apps that facilitate learner and teachers assessments.

Invest in Holistic Growth: Besides academics, a school should build wholesome learners. They can use computer games to build learners’ cognitive abilities. They can encourage learners to sign up for online and digital programs on spirituality, artificial intelligence, and socialization.


When a school invests maximally in technology, it can never go wrong, and it shall prosper and succeed. Schools should embrace technological advancement to improve their operations and management.

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