How To Combine Jewelry with Your Outfit

With fashion comes challenges, and what’s more challenging than selecting perfectly matching jewelry to go with your outfit?

It’s always a task to match accessories with your dress when you have plenty of options. But you are not the only person facing this issue. Women all across the world spend almost 90 minutes a week in their closets, thinking about what to wear.

There are some unwritten rules about pairing your jewelry with your outfit. This article is all about revealing those rules to you. The tips in this article will make getting ready a bit more fun for you.

Pairing Necklace with your Outfit:

Necklaces are always a treat for any occasion. You can use a necklace at a party or a wedding to lift your looks. But the real art is knowing what kind of necklace goes with what kind of dress.

  • Going to a friend’s day out or a day on the beach? You would definitely think of wearing plain tops or solid shirts. A necklace is what adds more interest to this clothing. You can pair this attire with a plain chain or a light necklace.
  • High necklines are also a good option to pair necklaces with. A plain necklace won’t work here. What you need is a layered one that catches viewers’ attention. This outfit is perfect for business settings.
  • Wearing a loose shirt? A necklace is what gives your body definition with such clothing. A necklace with a heavy texture is the best choice here because it elevates the loose fabric and gives more meaning to the outfit.

These few tricks are all you need to know which necklace you should select from your collections to match with your party or business outfit.

How to Choose the Perfect Earrings?

Earrings are another everyday-use accessory. You can never think of leaving for a party with empty earlobes. But which one to choose is a question of concern. Knowing different kinds of earrings and the art of pairing them with different outfits can help you build an exquisite look.

Ear Studs:

Ear studs are a great name for leveling up your fashion game. You can pair them with casual outfits as well as with professional settings. They look sturdy with both kinds of attire.

Princess cut diamond earrings are a good option for those looking for diamond ear studs. A diamond is always the best option for elevating your looks with minimum jewelry use.

Bold Earrings:

Bold earrings should get your attention when you are wearing a date outfit. These earrings bring attention to your face, keeping you in the spotlight. The best way is to choose a color that contrasts your hair color.

Hoops and Huggies:

Hoops look good only when you know when to wear them. This piece of earrings is best to wear in autumn with warm-tone clothes. Wearing jeans and high necks? You can pick up a hoop earring. Going to a party wearing a long black dress? Hoops are all you need to complete the look.

Different earring lengths can be a troublemaker. If you are already wearing a necklace, don’t choose long earrings. They only look good when your outfit is plain, and you are not wearing other jewelry items.

Matching Bracelets and Watches with your Attire:

Your wrists need your attention! Here are some tips for how to pair a bracelet with your outfits to make it pop!

  • The best outfit that compliments your bracelet is the one that shows more of your arms. Tank tops and short sleeve tops are the best ones in this regard. You can choose from bangles to layered bracelets. All styles go well when your arms are visible.
  • Cuffed shirts can also do wonders with a bracelet. The style here, however, should be light and not something very heavy. You can wear a sleek silver bangle with a watch to give a funky look to your cuffed shirt.
  • When it comes to long-sleeved shirts, the choice becomes a bit difficult. You see, there is no purpose in wearing something that’s not even visible. However, if you plan to roll your sleeves, you can wear a simple bracelet.
  • Wearing a party dress? The right choice for a bracelet is something tightly adherent to your arm and a little shiny.

Accessorize your Outfit with a Ring:

The best thing about rings is that these can pair up with literally every dress. It’s always a wedding ring and not a wedding bracelet or a wedding necklace. Do you know why? Because rings are an important accessory for symbolizing our personalities.

Here’s a little guide to wearing rings with regard to your outfits:

  • Long sleeve shirts are a good opportunity to wear rings with. A little sparkle in your finger draws attention toward your hands as the rest of the body is covered.
  • A funky T-shirt and ripped jeans also demand rings on your hands. The trick here is to wear many rings, including half rings. It will compliment your attire and looks.
  • A sleek diamond ring is what you need with a long, shiny dress. Only a single ring on the ring finger is enough to give you a sophisticated look.
  • The only time rings are not a good idea is when you wear them with long sleeves with holes for the thumb. Such clothing is a buzz killer for rings as they totally hide your fingers.

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A piece of jewelry is a finishing touch to every get-up. Wearing jewelry asks you to focus more on pairing it with your outfit rather than buying expensive pieces randomly.

Jewelry adds colors and sparkles to your attire. The fashion world recommends wearing matching jewelry with your outfit to bring yourself to the spotlight. It is only possible when you know what to wear and how to carry it.

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