Choosing A Medical Uniform Supplier: A Guide

Quality medical uniforms make all the difference for employees and patients alike. From having professional appearances to make clients feel confident they are in good hands, to protecting employees from contamination while remaining comfortable, high-quality scrubs and uniforms provide plenty of benefit to a medical facility. There is not a one size fits all when it comes to medical uniforms, so finding the right medical staff uniform supplier is necessary to provide exactly what you are looking for.

We’ve provided a guide to understand how important high-quality medical uniforms are and tips to help choose the best supplier for your medical facility. 

Why High-Quality Medical Uniforms Are Important

In the healthcare industry, having professional uniforms and clothing made from the right materials is necessary. Uniforms help protect employees from contaminants and each have their own purpose whether it’s a lab coat or a pair of scrubs.

Better Employee Safety

Medical scrubs have adequate protection from bodily fluids. The fabric of scrubs are thick enough to prevent bodily fluids, avoiding any potential contamination or direct contact with skin. Being in an environment that contains bacteria, viruses, and bodily fluids can make employees hesitant if not properly protected. With the confidence of having materials that can protect them, employees can perform their job easier and more efficiently. 

Professional Appearance

There are many types of medical uniforms and each type makes employees more easy to identify. Even without much knowledge of healthcare or offices, uniforms allow anyone to spot a professional to talk to. Aside from identification purposes, how a medical uniform is kept gives the impression of professionalism and cleanliness of the establishment. An experienced medical uniform provider will help your employees look qualified for the job with proper fitting uniforms made of the right materials that help avoid stains or damage.

Employee Comfort and Convenience

Cheap materials during a difficult shift can make an employee miserable. With such a stressful job, experiencing sweat retention or chafing during the day can make it that much worse. High-quality uniforms have sweat-wicking properties and are made of non-abrasive materials that make a big difference. Pockets are also a huge benefit for nurses that wear scrubs for easy access to various materials from pens and scissors to hand sanitizer or medical tape.

Choosing A Medical Staff Uniform Supplier

Buying medical clothing is a large initial investment and something you don’t want to have to buy repeatedly. With this, there are a few considerations when looking for a high-quality medical staff uniform supplier to find durable and convenient medical uniforms.

Uniform Variety

A supplier should have a large variety of scrubs and other uniform accessories. With a larger inventory, it is more likely you will find all the specific requirements you need, like color, sizes, and styles, all available in one place from one supplier. When you buy from a supplier with a wide range of uniforms, you have the freedom of more options and styles to choose from.

Industry Experience

Medical staff uniforms are very different from other workwear. Medical uniforms have a specific style that are well-designed to avoid capturing germs in such a sensitive medical environment. The fabric of uniforms also needs to be easily washable and not prone to catching germs or being contaminated easily. When you have an experienced supplier that knows the intricate details of the medical industry, you will find the quality to be better with these important factors in mind and keep your business moving forward.

Speedy Service

Hospitals can not allow any members of staff to be out of scrubs when with patients. Any staff without a uniform is more prone to being contaminated by patients, or vice versa and have germs be spread to a patient from a worker’s street clothes. Scrubs should be delivered early or on-time, and finding a uniform supplier that understands the quick turnaround times and can provide fast delivery is crucial to keep your medical facility moving smoothly.

Ongoing Support

Not every medical facility is able to invest in purchasing uniforms within short periods of time, so when looking for uniform suppliers you should make sure to find one interested in long-term partnerships. Reliable service after your purchases is a huge benefit to hospital management to save time when needing uniform repairs and service. A good supplier will be able to answer all your questions and help you in the future after your purchase.

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