how to connect with yemaya

When you are working with your spirit guides, you can use the Goddess’ name to connect with her. The Goddess’ name is Aquamarine and her sacred water is Blue Lace Agate. Often, you can also chant the Goddess’ name while giving offerings to her. If you do not have the right tools to use this technique, you can learn it from books and online resources. Here are some other ways to connect with Yemaya.

When meditating, you can try to imagine yourself in the waters of the ocean. The water will help you to connect with the goddess, and a seashell is a good way to do this. Wear a skirt that allows you to sway around your legs. If you feel drawn to the sea, you can also connect with Yemaya through singing, dancing, and drumming. You can try the song “Evergreen” by the SpiritSong Drummers.

Another way to connect with Yemaya is to wear a seashell. A shell with water in it is a perfect way to make a connection with the goddess. Her breasts are full, and she’s often depicted as a mermaid. The woman standing among the waves is the perfect symbol for this energy. When you wear a seashell, you can feel her presence as she floats by.

Yemaya is the ocean goddess and is associated with the ocean. Her image is often a mermaid, and you can connect to her by holding a seashell in your hand or holding one to your ear. You can also make a connection with her by immersing yourself in the sea, as she is the gift of all life. The ocean goddess will bring you your desires and assist you in manifesting them.

As you can see, the ocean goddess Yemaya has the most powerful following in both religions. By connecting with her energy, you can nurture your dreams and make a connection with her. Through her help, you can manifest your destiny and walk in your power. You can also connect with Yemaya by holding a seashell to your ear. Using a seashell will open your spirit and make it easier to reach her.

When you feel an intense pull to the goddess, you can use her name to communicate with Her. The name Yemaya means “water” in Spanish and translates to “ocean goddess” in Mayan and Aztec cultures. She is the mother of all rivers and is associated with rivers, the ocean, and the North star. Whenever you are looking for the way to connect with Her, focus on Her image in your mind and visualize Her image.

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