which of the following best describes the operational period briefing

The operational period briefing is the process of presenting the incident action plan to supervisory personnel at the start of an operational period. Also known as a shift briefing, this meeting provides tactical resource supervisors with the details of the incident and how it will be handled. While briefings may differ from case to case, they are generally limited to a single day. The purpose of an operational-period-briefing is to provide information and a comprehensive overview of what the day’s events are likely to bring.

Most important step

The operational period briefing is a critical event that requires effective leadership and preparation. It is the most important step in incident management. The briefing provides vital information about the incident, its criticality, and the overall situation. It provides the tactical resource supervisor with the details of an incident action plan and helps him or her formulate a workable strategy to deal with any challenges and ensure the safety of the operational environment.

Incident’s occurrence and incident action plan

The objective of an operational period briefing is to provide the tactical resource supervisor with information about an incident’s occurrence and incident action plan. The purpose of the briefing is to equip the strategic asset chiefs with the necessary information to manage the incident. Once an occurrence activity plan is developed, the tactical resource supervisors can then gather their subordinate briefings. During the briefing, the Incident Action Plan describes the correct approach to take and the steps to take to quickly resolve the incident.

Purpose of the briefing

The operational period briefing is a briefing held before each shift in an incident. The purpose of the briefing is to present the incident action plan to the tactical resource supervisors. In some cases, the incident has spread over a wide area and has been divided into zones. The Incident Management Teams will manage these zones. So, during the operational period briefing, the tactical resource supervisors will present the incident action plan to the relevant zone leaders.

Introduce the Incident Action Plan

The operational period briefing is a shift briefing held before an operations period. It is an opportunity to introduce the Incident Action Plan to the tactical resource supervisors and to the administrative staff. The mission is often conducted in two distinct zones: the central area and the perimeter. In both scenarios, the incident is managed by a strategic asset manager. The tactical asset chiefs are expected to follow the plan and the objectives for the entire episode.


An operational period briefing is held before every shift. It presents the incident action plan to the tactical resource supervisors and allows them to prepare for the incident accordingly. The objective of the operations period briefing is to ensure that the team will move smoothly during an incident. In the military, the tactical resource supervisors are given the incident action plan, and they are responsible for executing the plan. A generalization of the plan may help to improve coordination among the crews.

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