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How to Decorate a Small Home

The small home is a more modern way of living, brought about by problems in the housing market and more independent living. It can be cheaper to live in a small home even though space is limited – furniture makers are also aware of the trend so there are many more options for dual use furniture and clever storage solutions.

There are also many ways to decorate one if it isn’t as large as one would like. One of the best things about these spaces is that they are versatile and can easily change colors and styles to fit your mood.

Often, decorators look for a minimal piece to gain appeal in their small homes but end up with an unoriginal outcome because it looks too much like everything else out there.

This is how to decorate to make the most out of your small space.

Decorating a Small Home with Personality and Style

The first thing to look for when decorating a small space is a piece that best represents you. Choose things that inspire you and bring out the attitude or views of the people in the room.

Do not let your small home feel oppressive. Use these tips to help your space look and feel exactly what you need.

Be Strategic with Where You Place Your Furniture

Furniture is what takes up the space in a small home because there are not a lot of options. Look for places where the furniture will fit in best and look beautiful.

Position your furniture in such a way that it has ample space around it and makes your home feel more open and welcoming. For example, if you have a kitchen table in the living room, choose smaller chairs to bring out the best parts of your table chair set.

It’s important to buy good quality furniture too. Check out Reinforcedbeds.co.uk for a great selection of beds for smaller rooms.

Use Color Accent Pieces to Accentuate Your Home’s Personality

Color is what brings life into your home, so be sure to use color as an accent in all rooms. Whether you are using small throw pillows, DIY wall art, or a new rug that is a different color than what you have going on in the rest of your home, make sure to use color as an accent piece.

It’s best to match the colors of your walls with the furniture and other accents of the room so it doesn’t feel overwhelming. If you want to go bold and bright, use your small home as an excuse to bring out all color.

Use Fillers for Larger Spaces Between Furniture Pieces

Fillers are what help fill larger spaces between furniture pieces in a room. Small rugs or large wall art and pieces can really change the way a room feels and looks.

If you have larger pieces of furniture in the room, use a small tabletop or a lampstand in the middle of the piece to help it look more intentional.

Always consider what is best for your home and make sure that they pull off any style you want, whether it’s minimalistic, Victorian, modern, or something else.

Remember: The goal is to make your small home feel as big as possible.

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